Test Kits

Power Probe 3 Kit Power Probe 3 Kit

Power Probe 3 Kit


Power Probe 3 Kit

The original! A powerful time saver perfect for all technicians.

  • Voltmeter and Continuity Tester
  • Relay & component tester
  • Supply battery voltage and ground to test components
  • Audio tone 20' Jumper lead
  • Works on 12-24V sources
  • Protected by 8 Amp circuit breaker

Power Probe 3EZ Kit Power Probe 3EZ Kit

Power Probe 3EZ Kit


Power Probe 3EZ Kit

Perform battery checks, charging system checks, fuse checks, voltage checks, component tests...

All at the flick of the switch, while being guided through with our two NEW menu options: EZLEARNING and EZDIAGNOSTIC.

  • New larger LCD screen
  • Upside down? No problem! New flip screen feature
  • Menu driven. Makes navigating a breeze

Power Probe 4

Power Probe 4



Power Probe 4

The Power Probe 4 is a multi-use Circuit Tester with built-in diagnostic power.

This tool simplifies the testing of fuse boxes, verifies correct operation of motors, lights, relays, sensors, wires, communications circuits and computer drivers. The large LCD colour display makes viewing live test information and mode selection simplified in even direct sunlight or complete darkness.

  • Supplies Power and Ground
  • Digital voltmeter with Min/Max voltage capturing
  • 20 ft power lead
  • Tests for bad grounds / short circuits
  • Powered by vehicle battery
  • Gold plated brass probe tip
  • Directed LED head lamps to illuminate test area
  • Ohmeter / Frequency
  • Pulse width (+tive & -tive)

Additional diagnostic modes:

  • Petrol fuel injection tester
  • PCM / ECM driver tester
  • Signal tracer (use with ECT3000)

Power Probe 4 Master Kit

Power Probe 4 Master Kit



Power Probe 4 Master Kit

The Power Probe 4 Master Combo Kit combines the Power Probe 4, ECT3000 and various accessories to provide the ultimate combination of diagnostic and circuit-testing capabilities.

The Power Probe 4 provides simplified testing of Motors, Lights, Relays, and Sensors, and even Fuel Injectors. Also, like all Power Probe circuit-testers, it supplies Power and Ground for functional component testing on or off the vehicle. The ECT3000 will help you trace short and open circuits quickly and accurately.

Power Probe Circuit Tracer & Short Finder Power Probe Circuit Tracer & Short Finder

Power Probe Circuit Tracer & Short Finder

The ECT3000 Electrical Short and Open Finder makes locating shorts and opens quickly and more accurately than ever before. When the ECT3000 Transmitter is connected to an isolated circuit, it will quickly determine if the circuit has an open or if the circuit is shorted to ground. The ECT3000 receiver is designed to detect signals from the transmitter and its new adjustable distance indicator allows for accurate detection.

  • Transmitter quickly determines if circuit has an open or if circuit is shorted to the ground.
  • Receiver features a new adjustable distance indicator.
  • Light bulb sockets for testing lighting systems. Plus probes / alligator clips.
  • Works on 12-24V systems.

Power Probe Hook Power Probe Hook

Power Probe Hook


Power Probe Hook

Own the ultimate! Easy, Smart & Powerful

  • Works on 12 - 48V DC systems
  • Powers large loads up to 100A inrush - 25A continuous
  • Adjustable circuit breaker (2A - 65A)
  • Hot shot mode (load test power & grounds in only 7ms)
  • Voltage drop (see battery voltage drop on screen)
  • Smart tip technology automatically selects Ohmeter or voltmeter function (and selects correct range)

Power Probe Maestro

Power Probe Maestro



Power Probe Maestro

Check out Power Probe's newest tool - The Maestro - with all the features of the PP4 PLUS the built-in diagnostic power to display waveforms.

The Maestro wirelessly pairs with our Power Probe App, allowing for a wireless remote display as well as data streaming and recording.

Files can be emailed, exported or simply saved for future reference.

Easily verify correct operation of:

  • Motors
  • Lights
  • Relays
  • Sensors
  • Wires

PowerProbe 3 Master Kit

PowerProbe 3 Master Kit



PowerProbe 3 Master Kit

A great value kit featuring the legendary Power Probe 3 - the digital voltmeter that also provides diagnostic power with the click of a switch. Includes deluxe lead kit, and ECT3000 circuit tracer and short finder. Essential tools for every technician.