Belt Tension

Sonic Belt Tension Tester

Sonic Belt Tension Tester

SKU: ET5798


Sonic Belt Tension Tester

A professional tool for measuring the tension on all belt drives, including auxiliary / camshaft belts.

The tool measures the vibration of the belt to assist with the correct installation / tuning of toothed / V belts.

  • 10 - 600Hz frequency range
  • Please refer to factory manuals for correct tension values
  • Can be calibrated via mobile phone app
  • 2x AAA batteries included

Universal Belt Tension Gauge Universal Belt Tension Gauge

Universal Belt Tension Gauge

This gauge tests belt tension, for the precise adjustment of engine drive belts. Universal application including timing belts, fan belts, grooved / ribbed / toothed v-belts. Convenient T handle design.

Simply place the belt between the roller pins and the pressing handle. Turn the T handle clockwise (until the t-bar is tight). Check displacement (5-10mm). Refer to vehicle manual for recommended displacement.