Combination Sets

Automotive Bit Socket Kit

Automotive Bit Socket Kit

A professional quality bit socket set containing a wide range of bits that are most suited to automotive applications. These bits include hex, ribe, spline, spline (sec), Torx, Torx (sec) and Torx Plus Tamperproof profiles.

  • 38 piece bit socket set
  • 1/2" Sq Drv
Cylinder Head Bolt Kit

Cylinder Head Bolt Kit

A specialised set of long reach sockets covering a wide range of cylinder head bolts .

  • Spline: M14 x 100mm | M12 x140mm | M10 x 140mm
  • Ribe: M12 x 100mm | M10 VW Form x 140mm
  • Hex: M10 x 140mm
  • Torx©: T60 x 140mm
  • E-Torx©: E12 x 140mm

European / Japanese Special Socket Set European / Japanese Special Socket Set

European / Japanese Special Socket Set

  • Pentagon sockets: 10 | 12| 14 | 19mm
  • Pentagon bit socket: 10mm
  • Spline (security): M16S (60mm) | M18S (75mm)
  • 10pt profile: 20mm
  • Ribe female sockets: M6S | M8S | M10S | M12S (M8S also drives Torx Plus T55)

Master Torx Kit Master Torx Kit

Master Torx Kit

52 Pce

SKU: ET2108

Master Torx Kit

  • Torx: T6-T70
  • Torx (Sec): T8H-T60H
  • Torx Plus: 8IP-60IP
  • E-Torx: E4-E24

Mechanic's Bit Set

Mechanic's Bit Set

Comprehensive bit set for automotive applications. All bits are made from professional quality S2 steel, and have a 10mm hex drive. Supplied in a plastic storage case.

  • Torx | Spline | Hex bits, plus holders in 3/8" & 1/2" drive
  • All bits: 10mm Hex drive

Mechanic's Bit Set

Mechanic's Bit Set

  • Hex metric insert bits: M4 - M14
  • Hex imperial insert bits: 5/32" - 9/16"
  • Torx insert bits: T200 - T60
  • Torx (sec) insert bits: T10 - T60
  • Spline insert bits: M5 - M12

  • Hex power bits (75mm): 10mm - 14mm | 1/2", 9/16"
  • Torx power bits (75mm): T55 | T60
  • Spline power bits (75mm): M10 | M12

  • Quick release bit holders: 3/8" Sq Drv | 1/2" Sq Drv

Torx Bit & Socket Set

Torx Bit & Socket Set

17 Pce

SKU: DA1315


Torx Bit & Socket Set

A convenient set with popular sizes of Torx bits, and e-Torx sockets. The Torx bits have a 5/16" hex drive, for use with impact drivers.

The set also includes a 3/8" Sq Drv bit holder for 5/16" hex drive bits. This allows the Torx bits to be used with any 3/8" ratchet wrench.

  • 5/16" Hex bits: T10-T55
  • E-Torx: 1/4" Sq Drv E6-E8 | 3/8" Sq Drv E10-E16
  • 3/8" Sq Drv - 5/16" Hex Adaptor