Pry Bars

Bent Tip Pry Bar

Bent Tip Pry Bar


SKU: ET1225A


Bent Tip Pry Bar

An extra long prybar with tang thru design. Ideal for heavy duty automotive / industrial prying work. Features a comfortable rubber handle, with a hardened shaft.

  • 940mm overall length
  • Bent tip

Groz Alignment Bar

Groz Alignment Bar

These are heavy duty Bars forged from chrome alloy steel. The prying end is on one side with lining up on the other. The body is fully hardened to resist any bending. These are available with a round section or hexagonal section. Both come in an attractive chrome finish which also makes it easier to locate in crowded work environments

  • 35 - 40 HRC
  • Chrome Alloy
  • Forged construction

Jumbo Pry Bar Set Jumbo Pry Bar Set

Jumbo Pry Bar Set

This set comprises two jumbo pry bars. Ideal for general workshop use, one pry bar has a straight tip, and the other a bent tip.

Made from high quality steel, for professional use.

  • Bent tip / Straight tip
  • 930mm overall length

Pry Bar Pry Bar

Pry Bar

The largest of the Endeavour range of pry bars. Professional quality Chrome Moly 22mm dia steel shaft, with blackended finish. Textured handle with hammer cap.

  • 1,220mm long
  • 45 degree bent tip

Pry Bar Set

Pry Bar Set

4 Pce

SKU: DA1237

Pry Bar Set

Set features square shank bars, with angled heads / plastic grip handles.

  • Sizes: 200mm | 300mm | 450mm | 600mm

Tang Thru Pry Bar Set Tang Thru Pry Bar Set

Tang Thru Pry Bar Set

4 Pce

SKU: ET8020


Tang Thru Pry Bar Set

Professional quality pry bar set with soft grip handles and the THICKEST bars in Australia, for extra strength.

  • Tang thru design for striking applications.
    • Bent tip end
    • 200 | 300 | 450 | 600mm
    • Made from Chrome Moly steel