Supplementary Tools

Balance Shaft Locking Kit

Balance Shaft Locking Kit

A specialised kit for holding / locking balance shafts fitted to the 2.2L DOHC diesel engines in JLR / Citroen vehicles.

  • Land Rover Discovery Sport | Freelander 2
  • Citroen C5

Camshaft Pulley Locking Tool

Camshaft Locking Tool

Camshaft locking tool for KV6 engines, as fitted to Land Rover Freelander, and some other Rover / MG engines.

  • Application: 2.5L V6 KV6

JLR Crankshaft Rear Seal Tool

Crankshaft Rear Seal Tool

A specialised tool for installing the rear crankshaft oil seal (flywheel end) on 2.2L diesel engines, to reduce the risk of damaging the seal's sealing lip.

  • Engine code: 224DT
  • OEM Equiv: 303-1271
  • Applications: Discovery Sport (15-16), Land Rover Freelander 2 (07-15), Range Rover Evoque (11-15)

Diesel Fuel Pump Locking Tool Diesel Fuel Pump Locking Tool

Diesel Fuel Pump Locking Tool

Specialised tool for locking the high pressure fuel pump in its timed position when replacing the high pressure pump drive belt.

  • Applications: 2.7L - 3.0L DOHC V6 diesel engine including XF, XJ, Discovery, Range Rover Sport

JLR Crankshaft Holding Tool JLR Crankshaft Holding Tool

JLR Crankshaft Holding Tool

SKU: ET1017L


JLR Crankshaft Holding Tool

A specialised tool designed to hold the crankshaft pulley while installing / removing the crankshaft bolt on the 3.0 | 5.0L engine.

  • Applications: Jaguar XK (00-15) | XJ (00-16) | XF (10-16) | XE (16) | F Type (14-16), Land Rover LR4 (10-16) | Range Rover (10-16) | Range Rover Sport (10-16)
  • OEM Equivalent: 303-1437 (use with 303-1438 | 303-1439 | 303-1440 | 303-1441)

Front Crankshaft Oil Seal Tools Front Crankshaft Oil Seal Tools

Oil Seal Tools

Required tools when replacing the crank seal / removing front engine cover to replace the chain. For use on 2.0L | 2.2L | 2.4L | 3.2L TDCi / TDDi Duratorq engines fitted to Ford Transit | Ford Ranger plus Jaguar X Type X400 and Land Rover Defender.

  • First component removes diesel pump sprocket cover, and also allows oil seal to be removed / replaced.
  • Second component aligns / centralises the front camshaft chain cover before fitting the new oil seal.

Viscous Fan Wrench Set (2 Pce)

Viscous Fan Wrench Set

For viscous fans on Land Rover TD5 and V8 petrol engines with flat type multi-V serpentine belts. Use the C shaped wrench to hold the viscous coupling, and the 36mm wrench to tighten / loosen it.