Leak Detectors

Kane Hydrocarbon Detector

Kane Hydrocarbon Detector

Highly sensitive hydrocarbon gas leak detector (<50ppm methane). Solid state semi conductor sensor.

  • Audible tic rate & multi coloured LED indicators
  • Gases detected include acetone, ammonia, industrial solvents, methane, natural gas, petrol, propane

Kane Personal CO Monitor Kane Personal CO Monitor

Kane Personal CO Monitor

Monitor ambient carbon monoxide levels. Audible / vibrating / visual alarms.

  • Long life CO sensor with 5 year expected life
  • Measures from 0 - 999ppm CO
  • Made in UK quality

Power Smoke Truck & Turbo Leak Detector

Power Smoke Truck & Turbo Leak Detector

A vapor machine designed specifically for HD Trucks, Buses, Commercial, Industrial, and Agricultural applications. The ONLY leak finder available on the market that is both high pressure & variable pressure. This patent pending technology was developed in collaboration with a big rig truck manufacturer and is currently being used by dealerships, repair centers, mobile technicians, fleet centers, etc. HD PowerSmokeª is specifically engineered to provide the pressure and volume of vapor needed to test the integrity of HD intake systems and exhaust systems in one quick procedure, with the engine safely off. Redline's patent pending PowerSmokeª Adaptors expand to seal off most every intake or exhaust system with every brand of heavy duty trucks as well as medium duty. Variable pressure, variable flow to replicate boost load and allow the technician to adjust flow as needed to find minuscule faults.

HD PowerSmokeª comes with complete professional accessory kit including: Two PowerSmokeª Adaptors (one for block-off and one to seal with smoke pass through tube), 60 in.(1524 mm) SmokeMeister Wand, Smoke Nozzle, Cooling System Adaptor, Pressure-O2-& Temp Port Adaptors, extra OEM Approved Vapor Producing Fluid, Spare Quick Connect Couplers, Halogen Inspection Light, all inside a durable accessory kit.

  • Perform leakdown tests to detect even the smallest of air leaks
  • Variable Pressure | Variable Flow
  • Powered by 240V AC or 12V DC
  • Includes Master Accessory Kit
  • 2-20 PSI Range

SmokePro Body Pro

SmokePro Body Pro

Special patented adaptor produces a fluffy, high dense vapour with long hang time, making air disturbance leaks easy to see.

Quickly solves time consuming wind & water leaks, saving valuable repair time for body & collision repair shops.

SmokePro PowerSmoke

SmokePro PowerSmoke

Diagnose leaks with 100% accuracy. Simple 1 minute test cycle with clear green / red pass / fail indicator

Find leaks fast with the electronic handheld Nanoleak detector

Certify leak free status with 100% certainty


  • Test pressure up to 135PSI
  • Runs on shop air / 12V DC
  • Weighs only 8.2kg

SmokePro ReadySmoke SmokePro ReadySmoke

SmokePro ReadySmoke

Made in USA quality, yet at an affordable low price. Compact size, and under 4kg. No expensive dyes needed. Injects smoke into the engine - EASILY find vacuum leaks. Avoid incorrect diagnosis and parts guessing.

  • Includes accessory kit
  • Uses shop air / 12V DC power