Air Boy Oil Extractor Kit

Air Boy Oil Extractor

Ideal for changing oil on small engines. One person operation, with large 2.0L corrosion resistant tank

  • 2.0L cannister
  • Made in Denmark quality

Oil Drain Pans W/ Spout

Oil Drain Pans W/ Spout

Set of two large 16 litre oil drain pans with inbuilt spout / anti splash lip. The anti splash lip helps prevent spills when carrying / pouring. Inbuilt pouring spout makes returning fluid to recycling containers safe & easy. Large handles for easy carrying.

Purpose made for the recovery of oil and antifreeze solutions. Also suitable for parts cleaning with emulsifiable solvents. Made from high density polyethylene with UV stabilisers.

  • 16 litre capacity
  • Approximately 400mm diameter x 120mm deep
  • Colour coded (black / green) to avoid cross contamination / help keep different fluids isolated.

Oil Filler Kit

Oil Filler Kit

7 Pce

SKU: ET1740

Oil Filler Kit

Many modern vehicles have difficult to reach oil caps. This kit makes oil refi ll easy, and prevents oil spillage.

  • Suits both bayonet / screw fittings
  • A real time saver

Universal Oil Funnel

Universal Oil Funnel

SKU: ET1270


Universal Oil Funnel

Unique adjustable spring clamp & threaded collar keeps funnel in position. Allows for single handed filling, as there is no need to hold the funnel while filling.

Another clever design feature is the transparent lower chamber which allows you to easily see fluid flow, reducing the risk of overfilling / spillage.

  • Clamping range: 28 - 74mm