Endeavour Shear Pistol

Endeavour Shear Pistol

A professional quality air shear with a three blade shearing head for smooth cutting of sheet metal. Made in Japan quality.

  • Cutting width: 5.4mm
  • Cuttiing capacity: 1.6mm

Black Snake Rust & Paint Remover

Rust & Paint Remover


Rust & Paint Remover

Professional kit for removing decals, rust & paint. Replacement wheels available

  • Central vacuum
  • Avg Air Cons: 3.5CFM

Sonsbeek Wonder Gun

Sonsbeek Wonder Gun

Air operated kit (using a standard air compressor) which can be used as a blower, or at the flick of a button converted to a vacuum function.

Very versatile, and avoids the need for a standard vacuum cleaner.

Easily suck up small items, like broken windscreens, carbon deposits etc. Supplied in a kit with reinforced fabric dust bag, hose extension, and brush / nozzle attachments.

  • Uses standard 1/4" NPT male adaptor
  • Average air consumption: 3.4 CFM
  • Do not use with air pressure greater than 90 PSI.
  • Suction force: 9 CmHg