Radio Removal

Antenna Nut Socket Set

Antenna Nut Socket Set

A specialised set of sockets which fit most antenna nuts on Chrysler | Ford | Holden | Japanese | VW vehicles.

Ford Radio Removal Kit Ford Radio Removal Kit

Ford Radio Removal Kit

This kit contains four keys which are necessary for the removal of the radio from Ford Focus vehicles.

Mercedes Dashboard Service Kit

Mercedes Dashboard Service Kit

SKU: ET2003A


Mercedes Dashboard Service Kit

This kit includes a variety radio, ignition lock, and instrument cluster removal tools to suit most Mercedes models since 1992.

  • Radio removal tools for Mercedes 129 | 140 | 202 | 210 series.
  • Ignition lock removal tools for W124 | W126 | W201 series.
  • Instrument cluster removal hooks for W107 | W116 | W123 | W124 | W126 | W140 | W201 series.