CanDo Deutz Connector CanDo Deutz Connector

CanDo Deutz Connector

SKU: ET2608-36

CanDo Deutz Connector

The CanDo range of truck scan tools are supported by an extensive range of specific vehicle connector cables. Core cables are included with the CanDo Pro Tab, and additional to this are a range of optional connectors.

  • Deutz connector cable
  • Optional cable not supplied with the Pro Tab kit

CanDo Pro Tab 12 Months Subscription

CanDo Pro Tab 12 Months Subscription

12 month subscription update for CanDo Pro Tab scan tools. CanDo Pro Tab scan tools come with an industry leading free update period of 24 months. After this further 12 month updates can be purchased.

CanDo scan tools will continue to operate without subscription updates. CanDo offers an industry leading No Lockout policy.

FleetCross 24 Months Subscription FleetCross 24 Months Subscription

FleetCross 24 Months Subscription

Coming straight out of the U.S is the Fleetcross Service subscription. The ultimate heavy vehicle workshop assistant! Giving you access to 1,000's of repair procedures, wiring diagrams, diagnostic help, TSB's, Service information and so much more at the touch of your fingers.

Don't get caught without it!

Installed onto any CanDo diagnostic tablet, you get 2 years worth of assistance on Japanese, American and European Trucks.

  • All information OEM supplied
  • Search for repair procedures via the trouble code
  • Guided repair procedures from Fault code to predelivery checks
  • Service information including lubrication / oil specs and replacement / inspection intervals
  • Technical Service Bulletins
  • Can be installed on multiple devices (Must be registered on at least 1 CanDo Tablet Scan Tool before being installed on other computers.)
  • To arrange a demonstration or if you have any further questions call 1300 137 753

Haynes Pro Truck Subscription

Haynes Pro Truck Subscription


HaynesPro serves the automotive aftermarket through WorkshopData. Its database contains a vast amount of multilingual automotive OEM-based data for cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy trucks.

A leading online technical information data program with over 20 years experience in Europe is now available in Australia and New Zealand.

HaynesPro Workshopdata enables the professional mechanic to diagnose, maintain and repair modern vehicles, be they cars, light commercial vehicles or trucks. Available as a Car and/or Truck package (each sold separately)

As in everything that HaynesPro does, there's a logic even to the name of our trio of car maintenance tools. Considered singly, the three modules are called Smart, Electronics and Tech. Together they form the acronym, SET. Examining each in turn throws open the window on HaynesPro's world.

WorkshopData - Smart

Helps technicians reduce the time spent on fixing common faults and includes OEM Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and recalls.


  • Known fixes and tips (SmartCASEª)
  • Technical Service Bulletins (SmartFIXª)
  • Recalls

WorkshopData - Electronics

Helps technicians identify, locate and resolve electrical system and component errors using intelligent data applications such as our Vehicle Electronics Smart Assistent (VESAª).


  • VESAª (Guided diagnostics)
  • Comfort Wiring Diagrams
  • Fuses and Relays

WorkshopData - Tech

The cornerstone of our ingenious WorkshopData application. This module contains extensive identification, repair and maintenance information, all at your disposal.


  • Identification data
  • Maintenance
  • Adjustment data
  • Lubricants and fluids
  • Repair manuals
  • Recalls
  • Repair times
  • Technical drawings

Multiple Available Languages

WorkshopData is a truly pan-automotive and pan- European product. It's available in 27 languages.

A Standardised Language (Based off OEM data)

HaynesPro is Europe's leading provider of online automotive data. To make sure our technical information is up to date and accurate, we have entered into contractual arrangements with most vehicle manufacturers. Unless otherwise indicated, the data included in WorkshopData is based on the OEM technical documentation provided by the vehicle manufacturers.

Linking Data

Data is all very well in isolation but it's how we set it in context, how we establish links and create journeys with it, that is the hallmark of WorkshopData and associated products.

12-month subscription

Demonstrations available! Email