Sledge Hammers

Groz Sledge Hammer Groz Sledge Hammer

Groz Sledge Hammer

Indestructible handle is made up of 6 spring steel bars that run all the way through the handle.
Bars are locked with the hammer head using steel locking plates ensuring that the head never gets dislodged.
Ergonomic rubber grip handle absorbs vibration and reduces fatigue.
Special bonding process ensures that the head never gets loose from the handle.

Heavy Duty 50-58 HRC Head*
Forged from special steel, the hammer head is induction case hardened 50-58 HRC.
These hammers are especially useful in demolition work where the struck surface is softer than the hammer head.
These are also available with a short handle (12-16" length), especially useful in automotive applications


  • Driving in stakes
  • Heavy demolition work
  • Construction: fracturing stone & concrete
  • Driving fence posts
  • Police, fire & rescue
  • Rebar work
  • Railroads
  • Bending & shaping metal

Do not strike objects harder than 46 HRC.
Striking items of a greater hardness is liable to cause fracture or chipping

-10°C TO 50°C