CAN OBDII Breakout Box CAN OBDII Breakout Box

CAN OBDII Breakout Box


SKU: ET3040


CAN OBDII Breakout Box

An essential tool for checking ground / voltage on all OBDII pins, prior to connecting a scan tool / flashing ECU.

If your scan tool cannot communicate, it could simply be a fault with the OBD connector.

  • Connects inline with scan tools. Or use with multimeter /oscilloscope.
  • Quickly diagnose CAN faults
  • Monitor battery voltage at the OBDII port
  • A great way to log pin voltage data when used with the ET2504 multimeter
  • Extra long 2m cable

CarScope #1 Cylinder Pick Up Clamp

CarScope #1 Cylinder Pick Up Clamp

This inductive clamp is designed to clip onto the spark plug wire to cylinder one to get the trigger signal that is used to identify the correct cylinder number of each ignition voltage signal.

CarScope AC / DC Current Clamp

CarScope AC / DC Current Clamp

A specialised current clamp to allow your oscilloscope, multimeter to measure electrical current from 10mA up to 60A - both AC / DC - with a frequency response up to 20kHz.

This current clamp adaptor is ideal for displaying current waveforms for fuel injectors, fuel pumps, ignition coil circuits, and testing the solenoid valve for electronic diesel fuel injection control (EDC) systems.

The small measuring jaws allow the adaptor to be used in tight spaces.

  • 4mm banana plug connectors
  • Two calibration settings: 10mA - 20A AC / DC range & 20A - 60A AC / DC range
  • 9mm max jaw opening
  • 9V DC battery supplied with unit

CarScope AC / DC Current Clamp

CarScope AC / DC Current Clamp

This clamp adaptor is a transducer which will allow your oscilloscope, motor tester or multimeter to measure electrical current up to 600 amperes, both types AC or DC, with a frequency response up to 400 Hz.

When measuring current with this clamp adapter, there is no need to break into the circuit or disturb the isolation as the opening jaws simply clamp around the current carrying conductor. No electrical contact is required.

  • 30mm jaw opening
  • 0 - 600A range (AC / DC)
  • 0-600mV output (AC / DC)
  • Supplied with 4mm banana plug type connectors. A separate BNC to 4mm adaptor may be required for some applications.

CarScope Advanced Accessory Kit

CarScope Advanced Accessory Kit

Adds a Pressure Pulse sensor for engine health testing, 2x AC/DC clamp meters for current testing and doubles the ignition testing components to fully utilise both channels on the scope.

CarScope Auto Pressure Diagnostic Kit

CarScope Auto Pressure Diagnostic Kit

Monitor the engine's dynamic pressure and vacuum to access its performance. Designed for specialists who want to observe the engine's absolute pressure diagram in real time. Supplied with a universal output fitting allowing for use with almost all oscilloscopes.

  • Check Overall engine condition
  • Check engine exhaust gases
  • Measure turbo pressure
  • Measure fuel and air pressures

Carscope Automotive Sensor Simulator

Carscope Automotive Sensor Simulator

AutoSim allows a mechanic to simulate the replacement of a sensor.

Simulating output signals of most automotive sensors, AutoSim picks up service issues where a scan tool's diagnosis ends. Sensors tell the on-board computer when something is wrong. AutoSim helps determine if the cause is a faulty sensor, wiring or the ECU.

The product is mainly used for wiring tests. This is because the device can simulate the voltages and check the live data readings on the scan tool to confirm the wiring. You can simulate most sensors from ABS to O2 sensors. Eliminates need to replace non-defective sensors; by the time you have changed a couple of un-needed sensors the device has paid for itself!

  • Voltage simulation range: 0.1V ~ 12V
  • Frequency simulation range: 0.1Hz ~ 10KHz
  • Trigger pulse output: up to 0.15 amperes maximum
  • Output amplitude: 0.2V to 12V output amplitude can be selected at each mode

Carscope First View Sensor Carscope First View Sensor

Carscope First View Sensor

A fast / accurate method to diagnose engine problems. Verify the mechanical condition of the engine before using a scan tool. All engines generate pulsating pressure waves. This sensor allows you to display "engine pulses" on standard oscilloscopes. By using the first cylinder for sychronisation, a faulty cylinder can be determined. Engine problems will always cause a fluctuation of the waveform.

  • Use with any standard oscilloscope
  • Detect valve leakage, timing issues, bad injectors without major disassembly
  • PC connectivity via USB port
  • Save waveforms as BMPs

Carscope i-Tester Master Kit

Carscope i-Tester Master Kit

A comphrehensive kit containing the I-Tester plus all necessary accesories to test:

- Relative compression via Current or Volts

- Synced compression test (allows you to know which cylinder(s) is low on compression.)

- Actual common rail fuel pressure sensor readings.

Kit includes:

  • ET0090 I-Tester
  • Inductive pick up clamp
  • OBDII compression test adaptor
  • 10:1 Voltage attenuator
  • Back probe needles
  • Alligator clips

Carscope i-Tester OBD Cable

Carscope i-Tester OBD Cable


Carscope i-Tester OBD Cable

This accessory cable is designed to allow the i-tester to be plugged directly into a vehicle's OBD port. Now you can test relative compression without raising the bonnet!

CarScope Pressure Transducer Kit CarScope Pressure Transducer Kit

CarScope Pressure Transducer Kit

In the modern age of diagnostic repair being able to monitor the engine dynamic pressure and vacuum enables you to find serious mechanical faults. Test cylinder or whole engine to find leaks, blocked ports, valve performance in minutes.

This kit contains our new pressure sensor with the following key features - 100 µS extremely fast response time; 500 psi / 35 bar input pressure range; ±0.3% pressure non linearity; 3x pressure overload.

Connects directly to almost any oscilloscope via BNC connector.

Suits common spark plug sizes.

  • M10 x 1.0
  • M14 x 1.25 (Short)
  • M14 x 1.25 (Deep)

Mini A/C DC Clamp On Adaptor

Mini A/C DC Clamp On Adaptor

A professional quality clamp on adaptor for use with multimeters.

  • 23mm dia opening
  • 40A: 10mV/A, 0.1A/mV AC/DC +/-3.5%
  • 400A: 1mV/A, 1A/mV AC/DC +/-3.5%