Leak Detection

Kane Hydrocarbon Detector

Hydrocarbon Detector

SKU: ET9802


Hydrocarbon Detector

Highly sensitive hydrocarbon gas leak detector (<50ppm methane). Solid state semi conductor sensor.

  • Audible tic rate & multi coloured LED indicators
  • Gases detected include acetone, ammonia, industrial solvents, methane, natural gas, petrol, propane

Kane Leak Detector

Kane Leak Detector

A professional quality refrigerant leak detector which detects all existing refrigerants which include HFCs, HCFCs, and CFCs. With 400mm gooseneck for difficult to access areas.

  • High sensitivity mode to detect small leaks
  • Audio & visual (LED) leak indicators
  • Protective rubber sleeve houses gooseneck when not in use
  • Uses 9V battery (supplied)

Personal CO Monitor Personal CO Monitor

Personal CO Monitor

SKU: ET9806


Personal CO Monitor

Monitor ambient carbon monoxide levels. Audible / vibrating / visual alarms.

  • Long life CO sensor with 5 year expected life
  • Measures from 0 - 999ppm CO
  • Made in UK quality

Smoke Pro Body Pro

Smoke Pro Body Pro

Special patented adaptor produces a fluffy, high dense vapour with long hang time, making air disturbance leaks easy to see.

Quickly solves time consuming wind & water leaks, saving valuable repair time for body & collision repair shops.

SmokePro PowerSmoke

SmokePro PowerSmoke

Diagnose leaks with 100% accuracy. Simple 1 minute test cycle with clear green / red pass / fail indicator

Find leaks fast with the electronic handheld Nanoleak detecctor

Certify leak free status with 100% certainty


  • Test pressure up to 135PSI
  • Runs on shop air / 12V DC
  • Weighs only 8.2kg

SmokePro ReadySmoke SmokePro ReadySmoke

SmokePro ReadySmoke

Leak Detector

SKU: ET5004


SmokePro ReadySmoke

Made in USA quality, yet at an affordable low price. Compact size, and under 4kg.
No expensive dyes needed. Injects smoke into the engine - EASILY find vacuum leaks. Avoid incorrect diagnosis and parts guessing.

  • Includes accessory kit
  • Uses shop air / 12V DC power