Iroda SolderPro 150 Kit

Iroda SolderPro 150 Kit

Top of the range butane iron for the professional user. Patented LECª removable fuel cell for uninterrupted use, safety & reliability even at very lower temperatures. LECª refills easily with any brand of butane. LEC filters butane for no-clog operation.

Comes with soldering tips, safety wire stand, protective cap, solder, in a quality plastic case with foam insert.

  • Automatic ignition
  • 2 removable and refillable LEC (liquid energy cells)
  • Includes solder, multiple tips, stand, protective cap and more
  • Approximate tip temperature: 250 - 550 degrees C
  • Torch temperature: 1300 degrees C

Iroda SolderPro 180 Kit

Iroda SolderPro 180 Kit

Extreme output for demanding soldering tasks, like battery cables. Ergonomic design with soft touch grip, one handed controls, and angled head.

Ready to use in 30 seconds after ignition. Four function tips - Soldering, Torch, Hot Blower and Hot Knife. Powered by removeable / refillable LEC fuel cells. Recharge LEC fuel cells with standard butane fuel.

  • Auto ignition
  • Removable / refillable fuel cells
  • Includes solder, mutiple tips and more
  • Approximate tip temperature: 250 - 550 degrees C
  • Torch temperature: 1,300 degrees C

Iroda SolderPro 35 Kit

Iroda SolderPro 35 Kit

The Pro-35 is a high efficiency battery powered dual function Portable Soldering Iron / Flashlight ideal for quick repairs of circuit boards and electronics at home, in the car, or in the field. Using readily available alkaline batteries, there is always power at hand for locating and performing emergency repairs. Rapid 12 second heat-up, extended precision tip and simple push-button activation allow quick on-the-spot repairs. A great addition to all emergency and auto tool kits.

  • Uses 3x AA batteries
  • Run time: 60 minutes (approximately 160 joints)
  • Rapid 12 second heat up
  • Soldering temperature: max 500 degrees C
  • Length (with tip): 190mm

Iroda SolderPro 50K Iroda SolderPro 50K

Iroda SolderPro 50K

Well priced for the trade user

  • Manual ignition
  • Includes solder and more

Iroda SolderPro 90 Kit

Iroda SolderPro 90 Kit

Modern stylish design at an affordable price

  • Includes solder & more
  • 55 minutes run time