Lead Sets

Multimeter Lead Set

Multimeter Lead Set

Essential test leads. Potentiometer | piercing probes | crocodile | flat terminals | signal tester and more.

Multimeter Lead Set

Multimeter Lead Set

86 Pce

SKU: ET2031B


Multimeter Lead Set

Comprehensive kit for quickly & securely connecting into wiring.

  • 2 way LED testers Black / red multimeter connector leads
  • Male / female round terminal to banana plug
  • Male / female flat blade terminal to banana plug
  • Variable resistors with banana terminals
  • Needle / piercing probes
  • Heavy duty alligator clips

Silvertronic Automotive Test Kit

Silvertronic Automotive Test Kit

The test lead of choice for professionals. Compatible with all standard multimeters. Made in UK quality

  • Red & black test leads - straight | right angled plugs
  • Crocodile clips | cable piercers | back probes

Test Light / Volt Meter Test Light / Volt Meter

Test Light / Volt Meter

Integrated test light / voltmeter. This meter draws very low current making it safe to use around delicate electronic components. Includes interchangeable probes, leads and clips with 4mm banana connectors.

  • 3 - 48V DC range