Jump Starters

Endeavour 12V Jump Starter Endeavour 12V Jump Starter

Endeavour 12V Jump Starter

Our most powerful 12V jump starter, suitable even the largest SUVs / 4WDs. Extra grunt for the most demanding jump start applications!

New design includes updated USB-C fast charging port, plus USB-A / 12V cigarette ports. Conveniently charge using standard USB-C cable (charger not included).

This kit also inclides a memory saver cable to preserve vehicle memory when changing automotive batteries. Avoid losing radio settings etc.

  • Up to 8L diesel!
  • A must have for professional workshops.
  • USB-A | USB-C | 12V DC outputs.
  • 1400 Peak CCA
  • 20,000 mAh battery
  • Memory saver cable included
  • Fast, convenient charging using type C cable

Ultra Cap Jumpstarter

Ultra Cap Jumpstarter

An innovative solution for jump starting 24V trucks. Using capacitors, rather than batteries, they charge faster, and are safer from a storage perspective. Charging is easy too... either from the residual power in the battery, or else from any automotive battery. Ideal to keep onboard, for emergency situations.

  • Weighs only 11 kg
  • Supplied with Anderson connectors and alligator clips
  • Charge either from residual energy in battery (if >12V), or else from any 12V or 24V power source.
  • 3000A peak CCA
  • Starts Caterpillar 750HP diesel V12 engines.

Waterproof Powerbank

Waterproof Powerbank

Perfect for tradies / outdoor use - waterproof* / shock proof / dust proof. Huge capacity! Special FAST CHARGE technology

  • High speed recharge (only 4 hours)
  • High capacity (up to 6x iPhone charges)
  • Fast power delivery (save up to half the charging time compared to standard powerbanks).
  • Recharge multiple devices simultaneously.