Windback Tools

Ratcheting Brake Caliper Press Ratcheting Brake Caliper Press

Brake Caliper Press

New model with extra plate to fit virtually all passenger / commercial vehicles. Ratcheting handle with reversing switch makes it convenient to use in any position.

  • Works on most single / multi piston calipers.
  • Size range: 1-9/16" - 2-5/8"
  • Includes magnetic 7" extended adaptor plates to suit multi piston calipers on heavy duty vehicles.

Brake Caliper Press Brake Caliper Press

Brake Caliper Press

Works on various single, dual & quad piston calipers. 360¡ ratchet swing allows access at any angle. Evenly distributes force to prevent piston misalignment. Reversing lever for easy change from spreading to retracting.

  • Suits single | twin | quad pistons & floating type calipers
  • Applicable for ATE | Bendix | Delco | Brembo & Girling calipers
  • Quick change button from sreading to retracting
  • Evenly distributes force to prevent piston misalignment

Brake Caliper Windback Kit

Brake Caliper Windback Kit

Air powered to facilitate the quick removal of disc calipers on most vehicles. Air operated ram applies pressure to the caliper, while the handled is rotated by hand.

  • Suitable for both push back / wind back pistons
  • Supplied with 15 adaptors that suit most popular vehicles.

Brake Caliper Windback Kit

Brake Caliper Windback Kit

Powerful internal spring applies firm pressure to piston, to ensure piston mechanism is wound back.

Almost universal application due to adjustable adaptors. Suitable for both left and right hand thread brake calipers and two / three pin brake caliper pistons.

  • Magnetic 2 pin adaptor - fits any standard rewind adaptor.
  • Adjustable 2 pin - for electronic park brakes
  • Adjustable 3 pin - for common brake caliper applications

Brake Piston Spreader Kit

Brake Piston Spreader Kit


SKU: ET9932


Brake Piston Spreader Kit

Gearless kit with three pairs of spreader pads. Evenly spreads in a parallel manner to prevent misalignment of pistons. Wide application.

  • 90mm x 60mm - 1, 2 pistons
  • 148mm x 60m - 4 pistons
  • 180mm x 60mm - 6, 8 pistons

Piston Wind Back Adaptor

Piston Wind Back Adaptor

Specialised 3 pin piston wind back adaptor for servicing rear brake calipers on vehicles with electronic park brakes.

Electronic park brake mechanisms generally need to be retracted using a scan tool. Once this has been done, this tool is used to reset the caliper pistons to allow new pads to be fitted. The adaptor is designed to be used with a standard windback tool.

  • Applications: Renault, Volvo, VW
  • Use with 2 pin windback tool, or 3/8" Sq Drv tool
  • 39mm OD | 32mm PCD | 3mm Pin dia