Brake Caliper Piston Windback Tool

Four Piston
SKU: ET1059B


A heavy duty caliper windback tool to return brake caliper pistons to their original position when changing brake pads.

The extra large forks are designed to push back pistons simultaneously, on most vehicles with 4 piston calipers.

  • Pad size: 7cm x 11.8cm

Barcode # 9321280403451
Brand Automotive
Product weight 2.9100kg
Shipping weight 2.910000kg
Vehicle Make Mercedes
Vehicle Make BMW
Vehicle Make Ford
Vehicle Make Toyota
Vehicle Make VAG
Vehicle Make Universal

12 Months

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Brake Caliper Windback Kit

Brake Caliper Windback Kit

This caliper wind back kit includes two wind back forcing units - right hand and left hand - plus a selection of adaptors to suit most vehicles.

Brake Caliper Windback Kit Brake Caliper Windback Kit

Brake Caliper Windback Kit

A master brake caliper windback kit with left / right hand thrust bold assemblies and a comprehensive range of vehicle adaptors.

An essential kit to help prevent damage to pistons and seals.

  • Suitable for push back and wind back brake pistons
  • 37 pce kit

Brake Caliper Windback Kit

Brake Caliper Windback Kit

Air powered to facilitate the quick removal of disc calipers on most vehicles.Air operated ram applies pressure to the caliper, while the handle is rotated by hand.

This tool can be used on left and right handed threaded pistons.

  • Suitable for both push back / wind back pistons
  • Supplied with 15 adaptors that suit most popular vehicles.

Brake Caliper Windback Kit

Brake Caliper Windback Kit

This rewind tool has a powerful internal spring which applies firm pressure to the piston to ensure piston mechanism is wound back as you turn the handle.

The adjustable adaptors provide almost universal application. Suitable for both left and right hand thread brake calipers and two / three pin brake caliper pistons.

  • Magnetic 2 pin adaptor - fits any standard rewind adaptor.
  • Adjustable 2 pin - for electronic park brakes
  • Adjustable 3 pin - for common brake caliper applications

Brake Piston Spreader Kit

Brake Piston Spreader Kit

Gearless kit with three pairs of spreader pads. Evenly spreads in a parallel manner to prevent misalignment of pistons. Wide application.

  • 90mm x 60mm - 1, 2 pistons
  • 148mm x 60m - 4 pistons
  • 180mm x 60mm - 6, 8 pistons