Supplementary Tools

Camshaft Alignment Plate Camshaft Alignment Plate

Camshaft Alignment Plate

For SCTI EcoBoost / Ti-VCT 2.0L petrol engines.

  • OEM Equiv: 303-1504

Camshaft Locking Tool

Camshaft Locking Tool

Locks camshafts in their timed position, when removing variable valve timing sprockets.

Use with ET0512.

  • Applications: Ford Fiesta | Focus, Volvo V40 | S60 | V60
  • Engine codes: Ford HXDA| HXJA | JQMA | PNDA | U5JA, Volvo B4164T
  • OEM Equiv: 303-1552

Crank Pulley Holding Tool

Crank Pulley Holding Tool

Counter holds crankshaft pulley while servicing pulley retaining bolt. Also suits certain Volvo vehicles.

  • OEM Equiv: 205-072 (999 7128 | 49 B011 105)
  • Applications: Ford Fiesta | Mondeo | Transit, Volvo C30 | S40 | V50

Crankshaft Damper Holding Tool Crankshaft Damper Holding Tool

Crankshaft Damper Holding Tool

For removing / installing the crankshaft bolt. The holding tool prevents the pulley from rotating when extracting the central fixed screw.

  • Ford Escape 2.3L

Ford Crankshaft Holding Tool Ford Crankshaft Holding Tool

Crankshaft Holding Tool

Specially designed head profile permits access via a deep socket (not included) to each of the pulley bolts in turn.

  • Applications: Mondeo / Transit / Ranger with 2.0L | 2.2L | 2.4L | 3.2L Duratorq diesel / Duratec petrol engines.

Crankshaft Locking Tool

Crankshaft Locking Tool

For 4 Cyl Pumpe Duse diesel engines (1.9L | 2.0L engine with 2 & 4 valve) with arrow at 12 o'clock position with round sprockets. ALSO suited to FORD, SEAT & SKODA 1.9L TDi PD 3 & 4 cylinder engines.

Crankshaft Damper Pulley Remover

Crankshaft Pulley Remover

Designed to remove the crankshaft damper pulley.

Engine Front Cover Alignment Tool

Engine Cover Alignment

For front covers that are a pressed tin component not fitted with dowel pins to position it. This tool aligns the front camshaft chain cover before fitting a new front oil seal. Use on crankshaft end to position to the cover and hold in position while cover fixings are tightened. Part of ET9161 kit for replacing front crankshaft oil seals. Applications: Mondeo, Ranger Transit w/ Puma engines.

Flywheel Locking Tool Flywheel Locking Tool

Flywheel Locking Tool

For 1.0L 3 Cyl EcoBoost GDTi engines.

  • OEM Equiv: 303-1602

Flywheel Locking Tool

Flywheel Locking Tool

Flywheel locking tool for the 2.7D For Territory engine.

  • OEM Equiv: 303-1586

Flywheel Locking Tool

Flywheel Locking Tool

SKU: ET1374

Flywheel Locking Tool

This set locks / holds the flywheel in position to allow the release of the crankshaft pulley screws during timing belt replacement. It has the same functions as ET1574 but with the extra locking adaptors expanding its use on a larger model group in the Ford petrol & diesel engine range.

Ford Crankshaft Locking Pin

Ford Crankshaft Locking Pin

This pin locks the crankshaft in its timed position (via the flywheel) when servicing the camshaft drive chain.

Use with ET1900 crankshaft holding tool.

  • Applications: Ford Transit (11-14) | Ranger (11-17)
  • Engines: 2.2L | 3.2L TDCi diesel
  • Engine codes: SAFA
  • OEM Equiv: 303-1562

Ford Locking Pin

Ford Locking Pin

Flywheel locking pin for Ford Duratorq engines with common rail fuel injection. The pin locks the flywheel when changing the cam belt.

Applications include Mazda BT-50 | Ford Ranger | Ford Everest

  • OEM Equiv: 303-698
  • Engines codes: 3.2L P5AT | MZ-CD

Fuel Pump Remover

Fuel Pump Remover

Forcing screws and bolt to remove the fuel injection pump. Use with 303-249-01 & 303-1049

High Pressure Pump Tools High Pressure Pump Tools

High Pressure Pump Tools

Essential tools for allowing the removal of the chain driven high pressure diesel fuel pump, while maintaining the enging timing and chain position.

Designed to be used with the ET9161 to remove the sprocket cover.

Ford Injection Pump Locking Tool

Injection Pump Locking Tool

Applicable to 2.0L | 2.2L | 2.4L Duratorq TDCi (Puma) engines, on Mondeo | Transit.

Front Crankshaft Oil Seal Tools Front Crankshaft Oil Seal Tools

Oil Seal Tools

Required tools when replacing the crank seal / removing front engine cover to replace the chain. For use on 2.0L | 2.2L | 2.4L | 3.2L TDCi / TDDi Duratorq engines fitted to Ford Transit | Ford Ranger plus Jaguar X Type X400 and Land Rover Defender.

  • First component removes diesel pump sprocket cover, and also allows oil seal to be removed / replaced.
  • Second component aligns / centralises the front camshaft chain cover before fitting the new oil seal.