Air Conditioning Thermometer

Air Conditioning Thermometer

SKU: ET2024


Air Conditioning Thermometer

A cost effective thermometer with long probe making it ideal for air conditioning measurements. The thermometer can be used to check vent temperatures to ensure there is correct air flow to each vent.

  • 125mm probe length
  • Accurate measurement (0.1 degree resolution)
  • Batteries included

Infra Red Thermometer

Infra Red Thermometer

Dual Laser

SKU: ET2020


Infra Red Thermometer

A professional quality industrial thermometer that can read up to 850 degrees celsius.

This thermometer is designed for industrial use and is not suitable for body temperature measurement.

  • Automatic data hold / max temp display
  • Battery included
  • -50 to 850 degree C range

Infrared Thermometer Probe

Infrared Thermometer Probe

This infrared thermometer probe is compatible with most multimeters, clamp meters etc, including the ET2604. Ideal for applications where the object being measured cannot be touched.

  • 8:1 distance to spot size ratio
  • Built in laser pointer
  • Being in analogue output of 1 mV/degree C
  • -30 to 550 degree C temperature range
  • 9V battery (supplied)

Power Probe Wireless Temperature Kit Power Probe Wireless Temperature Kit

Power Probe Wireless Temperature Kit



Power Probe Wireless Temperature Kit

The Power Probe Temperature Kit is designed to give readings for ambient temperature and from the wireless Temperature Probe.

The Tempkit has a built-in temperature sensor in the base unit, plus a temperature sensor in the remote wireless Probe. This allows for multiple readings simultaneously.

One additional wireless Temperature Probe (TEMPPROBE) is available separately, for a second temperature reading.

  • Measuring Range: -9¡F to 158¡F
  • Wireless Transmitter Distance: 5m (16.5 Feet)
  • Accuracy ±2.0¡F(±2.0¡C)
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Requires 2x AA and 2x AAA Batteries (NOT INCLUDED)

Power Probe Wireless Temperature Probe

Power Probe Wireless Temperature Probe

Additional wireless probe accessory for use with the PowerProbe wireless temperature kit. This probe allows for a third zone temperature reading.

  • 2x AAA batteries included
  • For use with ETTEMPKIT

Temperature Probe

Temperature Probe


Temperature Probe

K type temperature probe for use with multimeters that support a temperature function.

Thermocouple Thermometer Thermocouple Thermometer

Thermocouple Thermometer

Professional thermocouple thermometer - four channel K type, plus infrared.

  • USB interface / USB to UART bridge controller
  • 0.1 degree C resolution
  • K Type range: -200 to 1372 C
  • IR range: -30 to 550 C

Perfect for air con diagnosis. Measure 4 different air vents and A/C condenser temp at the same time!