Brake Testers

Brake Fluid Tester

Brake Fluid Tester

Accurately test brake fluid performance based on its boiling point. This is the most professional approach to measuring brake fluid quality. Quick / simple test, using vehicle's 12V battery as the power source.

Brake Fluid Tester

Brake Fluid Tester

This pen style tool tests the percentage of water in brake fluid, and tests all essential profiles for modern brake fluids. Please refer to the DOWNLOAD tab for a detailed instruction sheet.

  • Colour coded LEDs show water level
  • DOT 3 | DOT 4 | DOT 5.1
  • Not suitable for silicone based DOT 5.0
  • Battery included

Brake Fluid Tester w/ Printer

Brake Fluid Tester w/ Printer

Accurately test brake fluid based on its boiling point.

One touch printing for hardcopy test reports to bluetooth printer.

Ideal for roadworthy testing.

  • DOT 3 | DOT 4 | DOT 5.1

Brake Pressure Test Kit

Brake Pressure Test Kit

A master brake pressure test kit suitable for ABS / non-ABS systems, as well as Ford (Teves) and Bosch systems. The kit contains two 3,000 PSI pressure gauges, and a comprehensive range of adaptors.

The two gauges can be used to take simultaneous / comparative readings of brake pressure for both front / rear brakes, as we as testing primary vs secondary pressure.

  • Test for leaks / restrictions with the hydraulics of brake systems.
  • 3,000 PSI (200 Bar) pressure gauges.
  • 22 pce adaptor set

Digital Brake Fluid Tester

Digital Brake Fluid Tester

SKU: ET8640B


Digital Brake Fluid Tester

A professional quality digital brake fluid tester designed to test most commercially available brake fluids, including DOT 5.1.

This brake fluid tester uses changes in conductivity to measure the degree of moisture content. The results are displayed on the digital screen.

A high moisture content can cause the boiling point of the brake fluid to decrease, affecting the braking performance.

  • DOT 3 | 4 | 5.1
  • Oil state test: < 0.1% indicates high purity; < 1% indicates good condition; <2.5% indicates that the state is acceptable; >3%~4% indicates that brake fluid needs to be replaced.
  • 9V battery included

Phoenix Brake Test Strips Phoenix Brake Test Strips

Phoenix Brake Test Strips

100 Pack


Phoenix Brake Test Strips

Need a simple / fast / accurate way to test brake fluid & coolant?

Are your customers asking for a test report to prove the fluid needs changing?

Looking for more service opportunities? Test each car that comes into the workshop...

One double ended strip tests both coolant and brake fluid.

Simply dip a test strip into fluid for 60 seconds.

Patented FASCAR copper testing technology.