4 Way TPMS Valve Tool 4 Way TPMS Valve Tool

4 Way TPMS Valve Tool

SKU: ET6037

4 Way TPMS Valve Tool

A handy tool for removing and replacing the 11mm and 12mm TPMS sensor nuts and reseating the bevelled and non bevelled sensor grommets.

  • 4 way design
  • 11mm | 12mm TPMS sensor nuts

Foxwell TPMS Trigger Tool

Foxwell TPMS Trigger Tool

Modern vehicles fitted with TPMS systems require the ECU to be re-programmed when changing tyres/ replacing faulty sensors. Use in conjunction with a scan tool- this tool triggers individual sensors, for the scan tool to then reprogramme

  • Triggers all known TPMS sensors, with internet updates available
  • Decodes sensor information including sensor ID, tyre pressure, temperature, battery condition, OE part #, and relearn information
  • Also tests RF Remote Keyless Entry system
  • Built in rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
TPMS Tyre Valve Deflator Set

TPMS Tyre Valve Deflator Set

Four colour coded tyre deflators to safely release air from TPMS valves. A time saving tool, with each deflator being both colour coded, and marked with LR / LF / RR / RF.

  • Thread size: 5/16 x 32 UNEF
  • Pin size: M4 x P0.5