Amp Clamps

1000V AC / DC Clamp Meter

1000V AC / DC Clamp Meter

Professional 600A AC, AC/DC True RMS Clamp Meter with Inrush current. These clamp meters provide fast A/D converting sampling time, high accuracy and all key features for measurement. Features a modern body and jaws design for perfect handhold and tight place testing. A clear backlit display is easy to see and a handy data hold keeps measurements on the display.

  • 34mm jaw opening
  • 600A current AC / DC
  • 1000V voltage AC / DC
  • 100ms inrush current
  • Non contact voltage function

AC / DC 1000A True RMS Clamp Meter AC / DC 1000A True RMS Clamp Meter

AC / DC 1000A True RMS Clamp Meter

This true RMS clamp meter provides accurate AC, AC/DC Current and Voltage readings regardless of waveforms. This meter can be used in most industrial and commercial applications where non-linear loads distort the Current or Voltage waveform.

  • 30mm clamp opening
  • 1000A current AC / DC
  • 600V voltage AC / DC
  • 4000 Digital display counts
  • CAT III 600V rating

AC / DC Current Sensor Clamp

AC / DC Current Sensor Clamp

This current sensor clamp is designed to test current and leakage of circuits below 600V. A practical unit with compact size, high accuracy and good stability. Supplied with BNC connectors.

  • 25mm x 30mm clamp size.
  • 0 - 1,000A AC / DC range.
  • BNC plugs output interface
  • 2m output wire length
  • IEC1010-1 | Cat III (600V)

Foxwell Digital Clamp Meter Foxwell Digital Clamp Meter

Foxwell Digital Clamp Meter

Designed for measuring AC / DC current, including for use with the ET0780 battery tester. Functions include peak value hold, and online monitoring. Equipped with RS232 interface.

  • Four digits LCD display
  • Sampling rate: 2x
  • Clamp size: 30mm x 35mm
  • Working current: 10mA
  • Frequency: AC 45Hz ~ 400Hz
  • Data interface: RS232
  • Line voltage: AC 600V

Power Probe Digital Clamp Meter

Power Probe Digital Clamp Meter

The Power Probe Digital Clamp Meter is an 80 Amp, auto-ranging clamp meter designed specifically for the automotive technician. This meter is rated CAT III 600V and can measure Volts, Amps, Ohms, Frequency and Temperature, necessary for automotive electrical testing. This meter's diagnostic applications include (but are not limited to) Parasitic Draw, Crank Current testing and HVAC Temperature testing.

Supplied with 3x AAA batteries.

  • Voltage: AC 600V | DC 600V
  • Current: AC 80A | DC 80A
  • Display 4000 counts
  • Jaw Opening 24mm/0.9"
  • Auto & Manual Ranging
  • Auto Power Off / Non-Contact Voltage Detector
  • Diode Open Voltage 3.2V
  • Continuity Buzzer <50
  • Data Hold
  • Large LCD Display Backlight
  • Work Light
  • Low Battery Display