Subaru Cam Sprocket Holding Tool

Cam Sprocket Holding Tool

Suits Liberty 2.0L EJ22 engine & V7 & V8 EJ207 engines with intake AVCS. Intake cams only.

  • 3 pin circle
  • Overall length: 700mm

Subaru Cam Sprocket Wrench

Cam Sprocket Wrench

An essential wrench for holding the camshaft pulley when replacing / installing the timing belt. This wrench has two special internal curves for holding the pulley.

This special design will not round out the internal pulley spline.

  • Application: Impreza WRX STI (exhaust cams only)

Subaru Camshaft Locking Tool

Camshaft Locking Tool

Specialised camshaft locking tool for 2.0L | 2.5L non turbo petrol engines. This tool has a 12 point hex design.

  • STi 2.0L EJ20 (02-05) | 2.5L EJ25 (05-14)
  • WRX (02-14)

Camshaft Pulley Holder Camshaft Pulley Holder

Camshaft Pulley Holder

Specially designed four pin wrench for holding the camshaft pulley. Applications include Forester (11-), WRX (14-), Impreza 1.6 (13-), Impreza XV2.0 (12-), and Tribeca (08-12)

  • Pin dia: 14mm
  • PCD: 74.5mm
  • Overall length 475mm

Subaru Camshaft Sprocket Holder

Camshaft Sprocket Holder

Holds camshaft sprockets on 2005 and newer Subaru models with 2.5L Turbo and 3.6L 6 cylinder engines. Some 2.5L engines may require ET1202 as well.

  • 31.7mm * 28mm* 7mm
  • Overall length: 475 mm

Subaru Crankshaft Pulley Holding Tool

Crankshaft Holding Tool

Prevents pulley from rotating, allowing extraction of central fixing screw on Impreza WRX with 2L turbo (02-05). Not suitable for turbos with Variable Cam Timing. Install central screw to 30Nm torque, then tighten 45 degrees.

  • Size: 12pt 69mm point to point
  • Cut outs: 5 x 7mm
  • Outside diameter: 98mm
  • Overall length: 470mm
  • Applications: Impreza 1600cc | 1800cc | 2000cc

Crankshaft Pulley Holder

Crankshaft Pulley Holder

Holds the camshaft pulley while loosening or tightening pulley bolts.

  • Application: Subaru Impreza
  • 400mm OL

Crankshaft Pulley Holder

Crankshaft Pulley Holder

Holds the camshaft pulley while loosening or tightening pulley bolts. 400mm OL.

Master Timing Kit

Master Timing Kit

Master timing kit containing a wide range of pulley holding / pulling tools for popular Honda, Mazda, Hyundai, Subaru and Daewoo vehicles.

Subaru Cam Sprocket Tool

Subaru Cam Sprocket Tool

Wrench holds the pulley from rotating, then allows the central fixed screw (SOHC cam sprocket) to be extracted. ALSO suits Saab 9-2X linear SOHC engine (05-06) & Baja SOHC engine (04-06)

  • Suits legacy 2200cc engines

Subaru Camshaft Locking Tool Subaru Camshaft Locking Tool

Subaru Camshaft Lock Tool

Locks LHS cam sprockets on 2.0 & 2.5L DOHC Turbo engines. This prevents the cam sprockets from spinning when the timing belt is removed, which otherwise might cause potential valve damage.

Strong magnets hold the tool in place. Curved design for easy viewing of sprocket timing marks. Some engines require 2 plates.

  • 2.0L | 2.5L DOHC Turbo engines
  • Engine codes: EJ205 | EJ207 | EJ255 | EJ257
  • Applications: Subaru Baja | Forester | Legacy | Outback, SAAB 9-2 Aero

Subaru Crank Pulley Removal Tool

Subaru Crank Pulley Removal

Allows removal of the crank pulley with the radiator in place, making it ideal for timing belt replacement, and other engine work. Includes two sets of pins to facilitate removing both styles of Subaru crank pulley.

Subaru Crankshaft Pulley Holder

Subaru Crankshaft Pulley Holder

Specially designed holder for the LEGACY 2.5L sedan & FORESTER to remove & replace the camshaft pulley on the vehicle without taking out the radiator.

  • 12mm pin dia | 64mm PCD | 42mm I.D. x 90mm OD
  • Overall length: 680mm

Subaru Crankshaft Pulley Holder

Subaru Crankshaft Pulley Holder

Designed to remove / install the crankshaft pulley on Impreza BJ engines.

  • 4 pins | 55mm PCD
  • Overall length: 770mm

Subaru Crankshaft Pulley Tool

Subaru Crankshaft Pulley Tool

Holding tool for crankshaft pulley bolts, to service fixings without losing crank position - flat handle for access to tight areas.

  • Applications: Impreza 1800cc
  • 4 x 7mm dia pins | 75mm PCD
  • Outside dia: 96mm
  • Hole dia: 53.5mm

Subaru Crankshaft Socket

Subaru Crankshaft Socket

The crankshaft rotating socket is designed to slip over the crank snout to allow the user to rotate a complete engine with any 1/2" Sq Drv tool (but NOT an impact wrench). Allows easy location of TDC when replacing timing belts.

Modified version of 499987500 socket to suit new model 1800cc OHC engines.

  • Engine codes: 2.0L EJ20 | EJ205 | EJ207, 2.5L EJ255 | EJ257