Socket Sets

BMW Rim Lock Socket Set

BMW Rim Lock Socket Set

Special 1/2" Drive sockets for removing rim screws when locked with original BMW wheel rim lock fasteners

  • 21 Teeth x 16.5mm Dia
  • 17 Teeth x 14.5mm Dia
  • 10 Teeth x 16.0mm Dia

Locking Wheel Nut Socket Set Locking Wheel Nut Socket Set

Locking Wheel Nut Socket Set

A set of specialised locking wheel nut sockets for F series BMW vehicles. These sockets are essential for removing pattern style wheel nuts fitted to late model BMW vehicles.

Do not use with an impact wrench.

  • Pattern style
  • Applications: 1 Series F20 | F21, 3 Series F30 | F31, 4 Series F32 | F34 | F36, 5 Series F10 | F11, 6 Series F12 | F13, 7 Series F01 | F02 | F04
  • 1/2" Sq Drv
  • 20 Pcs

Standard / Half Sized Flip Socket Set

Standard / Half Sized Flip Socket Set

An incredibly handy set of wheel nut sockets. These flip sockets include new half size sockets for chrome covered nuts which have become swollen / warped.

Inflated / warped chrome plated caps are a common problem, especially on some Ford vehicles. Standard sized wheel nut sockets will not fit, and a half sized variant are required.

  • Sizes: 17 x 19mm | 18.5 x 19.5mm | 21 x 21.5mm | 22 x 22.5mm
  • 1/2" Sq Drv extension (75mm long)

Torque Extension Bar Set

Torque Extension Bar Set

These torque extension bars are designed to safely torque up wheel nuts to the correct tension as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

Ideal for use with impact wrenches, this set contains 10 torque bars from 90Nm - 200Nm.

  • Colour coded
  • 195mm overall length
  • 1/2" Sq Drv
  • 10 pce set