Flaring Tools

Double Flaring Kit

Double Flaring Kit

6-in-1 Adaptors

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Double Flaring Kit

Withstands pressure needed to double flare at 45¡ or ball form mild steel bundy tubing repeatedly. Will also produce a single flare.

  • Cam locking action on the six sided revolving collet head
  • Double flare setting bar gauges correct depth of tube to be double flared
  • Sizes: 3/16" | 1/4" | 5/16" | 3/8" | 1/2" | 5/8"

Double Flaring Tool Kit

Double Flaring Tool Kit

For double or single flares on copper, brass, soft steel or aluminium tubing

  • 4.75, 5, 6, 8, 10mm
  • 1/4" & 1/2" OD

Flaring Tool

Flaring Tool

Bench Vice Mounted

SKU: DA3779


Flaring Tool

  • Automotive type double flares.
  • For 3/16” / 4.75mm SAE and
    DIN dies for most popular
    flares on steel,
    aluminium or copper pipes.
  • Cam action body
    fits into
    bench vices.