Motorcycle Tools

Carburetor Synchroniser Carburetor Synchroniser

Carburetor Synchroniser

Vacuum gauge set contains precision gauges with individual damping control. Suitable for multi carburetor balancing with tubes / adaptors to suit most vehicles

  • 3-1/2" synchroniser gauges with fixed plates (4x)
  • 750mm rubber hoses
  • Extension tubes: 4x 52mm | 4x 122mm
  • Cone type connectors: 8x 40mm
  • Adaptors: 4x 53mm (M6 x 0.75) | 4x 60mm (M6 x 1.0)

Carburetor Adjustment Kit

Carburetor Adjustment Kit

Simplifies adjustment of the air / fuel mixture screws on most multi cylinder motorcycles. Driver head is angled to align the replaceable bit with the carburetor adjustment screw

Magneto Flywheel Puller

Magneto Flywheel Puller

Fits most motorcycle magneto flywheel threads including taper lock style threads which can only be removed with a specialist tool.

Six sizes in one tool.

  • Sizes: M10 x 1.25 RH | M14 x 1.5 RH | M16 x 1.5 RH | M18 x 1.5 RH | M24 x 1.0 RH | M27 x 1.0 LH
  • External threads

Motorcycle Chain Extractor

Motorcycle Chain Extractor

Spring loaded clamp for quick, single handed pin release and chain repair.

Motorcycle Flywheel  Puller Kit

Motorcycle Flywheel Puller Kit

Comprehensive set of 15 flywheel pullers to separate the flywheel from the crankshaft taper. Screw into flywheel then apply force with centre screw.

Almost universal application for motorcycles.

  • Thread sizes: M14 x 1.5 | M16 x 1.5 | M18 x 1.5 | M19 x 1.0 | M20 x 1.0 | M22 x 1.0 | M22 x 1.5 | M24 x 1.0 | M25 x 1.5 | M26 x 1.0 | M26 x 1.5 | M27 x 1.0 | M27 x 1.25 |  M28 x 1.0 | M28 x 1.5