Bearing Packers

Hand Bearing Packer

Hand Bearing Packer

Save time - flush out old grease with new. For bearings up to 3-1/2" OD. No airline or grease gun required.

Simply place the bearing on the piston. Press down on the cap until the old grease is forced out, and the new grease shows on top of the bearing.

  • Works on bearings up to 3-1/2" OD (90mm)
  • Packs up to 50 bearings before needing refilling

Metal Bearing Packer Metal Bearing Packer

Metal Bearing Packer

SKU: DA9032

Metal Bearing Packer

This bearing packer is suitable for use with a grease gun, having a threaded centre post incorporating a grease nipple. Quality metal construction

Bearing range:

  • 12mm ID (Max)
  • 125mm OD (Max)
  • 50mm height (Max)

Truck Bearing Packer

Truck Bearing Packer

This is a larger capacity bearing packer designed for trucks, tractors etc.

  • For bearings up to 6-1/2" OD.
  • Metal cones

Universal Bearing Packer Universal Bearing Packer

Universal Bearing Packer

Use with hand or power lube equipment to make a messy job easy, and also to ensure correct packing of bearings. Design incorporates a grease nipple at one end for quick connection to a grease gun coupler.

  • For bearings with minimum 1/2" (13mm) ID to max 5" (125mm) OD & height up to 2" (50mm).
  • Plastic cones.