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CanDo Truck TPMS Tool

CanDo Truck TPMS Tool

SKU: ET2615

CanDo Truck TPMS Tool

The CanDo HD TPMS is an activation tool with functionalities specifically designed for the maintenance of trucks and buses. Read sensors in twin wheels and manage up to 22 wheels! The tool is compatible with today's leading truck and bus TPMS sensors and can be updated with new heavy transport vehicles as soon as they are introduced.

  • Activates and reads OE sensors in seconds.
  • Check tyre pressure to prevent under-inflation.
  • Check sensor battery levels to prevent sensor failure.
  • Display sensor ID, tyre pressure & temperature, battery status and more!
  • Identifies the sensor by vehicle and sensor reference, or simply scan all protocols to activate.
  • Fits under the wheel arch
  • Manage and store up to 22 wheels.
  • Frequent updates.
  • 3 years software updates included!
Foxwell Battery Configuration Tool

Foxwell Battery Configuration Tool

Essential service tool for modern workshops / battery service technicians.

Many modern vehicles - especially with start / stop technology and/or regenerative braking - require a specialised tool to associate the new battery with the ECU.

Coverage includes BMW, Ford, PSA, VAG, Volvo

Foxwell TPMS Trigger Tool Foxwell TPMS Trigger Tool

Foxwell TPMS Trigger Tool

Modern vehicles fitted with TPMS systems require the ECU to be re-programmed when changing tyres/ replacing faulty sensors. Use in conjunction with a scan tool- this tool triggers individual sensors, for the scan tool to then reprogramme

  • Triggers all known TPMS sensors, with internet updates available
  • Decodes sensor information including sensor ID, tyre pressure, temperature, battery condition, OE part #, and relearn information
  • Also tests RF Remote Keyless Entry system
  • Built in rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
Foxwell Service Tool

Foxwell Service Tool

A professional service tool with ABS / Air Bag / SAS reset functions across a wide range of vehicles.

Compatible with both OBDI | OBDII cars, SUVs, minivans, light duty trucks, including the last 2016 / 2017 models on selected makes.

  • Read / clear codes and turn off ABS / Airbag warning indicators
  • Steering angle sensor calibration
  • Shows live vehicle sensor data. View 2 parameter graphs simultaneously.
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Click here for function search

Foxwell Service Tool Foxwell Service Tool

Foxwell Service Tool

Reset oil service lights on over 40 vehicle makes! Includes Australian Ford & GM vehicles. Never be caught out again


  • Set service intervals, inspection mileage, reset service lights.

  • Upgradeable to include battery configuration, EPB, steering angle sensor, DPF

Foxwell USB Borescope

Foxwell USB Borescope

Designed to integrate with GT80PLUS scan tool, or any Windows laptop. Ideal for automotive use; for instance, inspecting cylinder walls. 7mm camera diameter.

  • 640 x 480 pixel resolution
  • 6 LEDs
  • 750mm probe