Brake Pipe Flaring

Brake Pipe Flaring Kit

Brake Pipe Flaring Kit

Compact design for on-car brake flaring.
Includes dies / punches for DIN single and SAE double flares

  • Suitable for 4.75mm & 3/16" pipe diameter
  • For copper, copper nickel, steel brake pipes
  • Pipe stop plug for correct depth

Double Flaring Kit

Double Flaring Kit

Withstands pressure needed to double flare at 45¡ or ball form mild steel bundy tubing repeatedly. Will also produce a single flare.

  • Cam locking action on the six sided revolving collet head
  • Double flare setting bar gauges correct depth of tube to be double flared
  • Sizes: 3/16" | 1/4" | 5/16" | 3/8" | 1/2" | 5/8"