Air Boy Dropout Auto Drain

Air Boy Dropout Auto Drain

The Dropout Auto-drain is designed to remove all contaminants from the Dropout units automatically.

The Dropout Auto-drain has two 1/2" inlet connections enabling flexible installation. It is supplied with a metal blanking plug to block any unused ports.

  • Drains all contaminants (liquid water & oil and solid particles) automatically
  • Maintenance free
  • No mains power or batteries required
  • Inlet connection: 1/2" BSPT | Outlet connection: 1/8" BSPT
  • Maximum flow rate: 203 cfm
  • Operating pressure: 1-16 Bar (15 - 232 psi)

Air Boy Vortex Filter Air Boy Vortex Filter

Air Boy Vortex Filter

99.9999% EFFECTIVE! Inline point of use cyclonic filter. Removes 99.9999% of liquid / 99% solid particulates down to 1 Micron. ZERO ongoing maintenance costs.

  • Auto drain
  • 1/2" connection
  • 10 CFM flow rate | 232 PSI max pressure
  • No mains power required
  • No replacement filters
  • Instantaneous recovery from pulsed flows or stop start

Air Breathing HoseAir Breathing Hose

Air Breathing Hoses

  • 10mm ID
  • With Air Breathing fittings
  • Australian made

Air Breathing HoseAir Breathing HoseAir Breathing Hose

Air Breathing Hoses

Specialised air breathing hose for applications where the airline is connected to breathing masks, such as in panel beating.

Air breathing hose is also available fitted with air breathing fittings. Air breathing fittings are also available separately.

10mm ID Airline Hose10mm ID Airline Hose10mm ID Airline Hose12mm ID Airline Hose

Airline Hoses

  • Made in Australia
  • From high quality polyurethane
  • Available in lengths from 20m - 50m
  • 10mm ID
  • One touch Euro style coupler / adaptor

Braided Recoil Hoses

Braided Recoil Hoses

Sonsbeek Recoil Air Hose is braided to provide extra strength & flexibility in tough working conditions. Sonsbeek reinforced hose can tolerate higher working pressures and operates far better in hot ambient temperatures.

  • Fitted with 1/4" BSP male swivel fittings.
  • Made in Australia quality.

Filter Regulators

Filter Regulators

Sonsbeek modular type filter regulators, suitable for panel mounting. A high quality unit with bronze filtering element, separator and shield for efficient moisture control, and semi automatic drain.

These units are a diaphragm operated, relieving type. Pressure compensated. Steel bowl guard. Good flow and regulating characteristics. Supplied complete with bracket and gauge.



Fully Automatic draining filter unit, suitable for modular mounting:

  • Bayonet type steel bowl guard
  • Float type - No Electrical connections required
  • Provision for drain tube connection; to take the connection away from the unit

Inline Water Trap

Inline Water Trap

1/4" PT Thread



Inline Water Trap

The Sonbeek inline water filter is designed for attaching direct to air tools, or else inline with the hose. It removes water, and dirt particles from the compressed air flow. A push valve allows easy drainage from the bowl.

  • Thread type: Male - Female
  • Thread size: 1/4" PT
  • Maximum working pressure: 150 PSI
  • Alloy body

Mini Inline Oiler

Mini Inline Oiler

A mini inline oiler designed to be attached close to the air tool. For use with air tools which have a 1/4" BSP inlet size.

This mini oiler provides consistent lubrication to extend tool life and maximize performance. Lightweight aluminium construction for leak free operation. Clear reservoir for easy monitoring of oil levels. Thumb screw filler cap.

  • Thread type: Male - Female
  • Thread size: 1/4" BSP
  • Max working pressure: 150 PSI
  • Material: Aluminium / polycarbonate

Nylon HoseNylon HoseNylon Hose

Straight Nylon Hoses

AUSTRALIAN MADE from high quality Nylon following the German DIN Specification No. 73378 and 74324. This tube has excellent dimensional stability and is TL temperature and light stabilised.

Nylon Tube is highly resistant to corrosion, heat aging and fully resists petrol, diesel, oil, grease, break fluids and a variety of other chemicals.

Straight Polyurethane Hoses

Straight Polyurethane Hoses

The high flexibility of our polyurethane tubing allows compact cabling where a small bend radius is required. This flexible polyurethane tubing has shore hardness 52D and conforms to NFE 49.101 standard.

Our Polyurethane based tubing is ester based and has superior chemical resistance and improved ageing.


  • High flexibility and small bend radius
  • Large range of working temperatures and pressures
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Small pressure drop
  • Good absorption of vibration
  • UV resistant