Air Regulator

1/2" BSP
SKU: 700SR08

Modular mounting air regulator to regulate the air pressure in your compressed airline. Features a "press to lock" adjusting knob, with diaphragm. 

SKU 700SR08
Barcode # 9335111005714
Brand Sonsbeek
Size 1/2" BSP
Type Air Regulator

12 Months

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Rear Entry Gauges

Gauges | Rear Entry



Gauges | Rear Entry

These gauges are ideally suited for Compressors, Rotary Pumps and Regulators.

When ordering please order a reading higher than the expected operating conditions, as it may stretch if used continuously on the maximum readout.

If operating around 600-700Pa/85-100PSI, a 1000kPa/1445PSI gauge should be used as a general guide gauges should operate at around 60-70% of their readout. 

Rear Entry Gauges

Gauges | Rear Entry

Liquid Filled Gauges provide users with a number of advantages in certain measurement applications. They are ideally suited for use on equipment where excessive vibration and pulsation are encountered, such as pumps, compressors, machine tools etc. The liquid fill minimises the effect of these sever environments, protects the gauge internals and provides continuous lubrication of the mechanism; all adding up to a longer service life. Liquid filling also provides greater protection of gauge internals from corrosive atmospheres.

Liquid Filled Gauges are NOT SUITABLE where oxidising agents are used as:

Oxygen, Chlorine, Nitric Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide are being used.  




SKU: EL503


High quality / cost effective air lubricators. 5 micron filter elements. ISO 6358 / 6953 compliant.

  • 80mL oil capacity
  • 3,000 L/min max airflow