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Camshaft / Head Rebuild Kit Camshaft / Head Rebuild Kit

Camshaft / Head Rebuild Kit

A specialised cylinder head rebuilt kit designed to allow the camshafts to be correctly fitted into the cylinder head on Porsche / VAG common rail engines.

The set contains a jig, various camshaft support fixtures, gear tooth alignment clamps and locking devices.

  • OEM Equiv: T40094 | T40095 | T40096
  • Applications: VAG 1.6L | 2.0L | 2.7L | 3.0L | 4.0L | 4.2L diesel CR engines | Porsche 3.0 TDi
  • For timing servicing on 2.7L - 4.2L engines, also refer ET1622.

VAG High Pressure Pump Puller

VAG High Pressure Pump Puller

A specialised tool to remove the toothed belt drive sprocket on high pressure fuel pumps fitted to VAG 3.0L 6 Cyl 4V diesel engines.

  • Applications: Audi A5 | A6 | A8 | Q7, VW Phaeton | Touareg
  • OEM Equiv: T10320

VAG Injection Pump / Timing Kit VAG Injection Pump / Timing Kit

VAG Injection Pump / Timing Kit

Designed for V6 4v common rail diesel, chain driven engines. Used for turning over & positioning the crankshaft during removal & installation of the camshaft timing chain. Also contains crankshaft aligning pins (with flats) & side alignment pins for crankshaft to cylinder head.

  • Applications: Audi: A4 | A5 | A6 | A8 | Q7 | Allroad, VW: Phaeton | Touareg, Porsche Cayenne

VAG Timing Kit

VAG Timing Kit

A specialised kit for engine timing / timing belt replacement on VAG 1.4 - 2.0D Pumpe Duse, and 1.4L | 1.6L | 2.0L CR diesels.

These tools are also suitable for similar engines fitted to Ford | Dodge | Chrysler vehicles.

  • Use in conjunction with ET1657.

VAG Timing Kit VAG Timing Kit

VAG Timing Kit

A popular timing tool kit for a wide range of common Audi / Skoda / VW vehicles including many 1.4 | 1.9 | 2.0 TDi PD DOHC engines.

  • Includes two versions of the camshaft sprocket locking tool.
  • For belt driven diesel engines.

VAG Timing Kit

VAG Timing Kit

A comprehensive timing tool kit for belt tensioning a wide range of 1.8L | 2.0L petrol FSi / TFSi engines. The kit includes locking pins, camshaft alignment tool and tensioner wrench.

This kit includes necessary tools for servicing the chain in head and establishing correct valve / camshaft timing.

Applications for Audi A3 | A4 | A6 | S3 | TT

OEM Equivalents & Engine Codes:

  • DA0379-23: VAG 3366, VAG T20018, VAG T20044
  • ET1020A: BMW 11 2 300, Holden KM 813, Land Rover LRT 12-108
  • ET1084-1: VAG T10092
  • ET1084-3: VAG T10252
  • ET1220B: VAG T10020
  • ET2207-3: VAG T10060/A, VAG T40098, VAG T20167, VAG 3204
  • TT4001: VAG T40011
  • AXW | AXX | BGB | BHZ | BLR | BLX | BLY | BMB | BPJ

VAG Timing Kit

VAG Timing Kit

Valve timing kit for late model Audi FSI chain driven engines common to V6 | V8 | V10 engines.

  • OEM Equiv: T40069 | T40070 | T40071

VAG Timing Locking Kit VAG Timing Locking Kit

VAG Timing Locking Kit

This timing kit has been designed for VAG vehicles with 1.6L | 1.8L turbo chain driven engines from 2003. The kit includes a chain tensioner locking tool, a tensioner locking tool, camshaft alignment tool, and two camshaft / crankshaft pulley holding tools.