Disconnect Kit (23 Pce)

SKU: DA1448


SKU DA1448
Barcode # 9321280309050
Brand Automotive

12 Months

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Multimeter Lead Set

Multimeter Lead Set

86 Pce

SKU: ET2031B


Multimeter Lead Set

Comprehensive kit for quickly & securely connecting into wiring.

  • 2 way LED testers Black / red multimeter connector leads
  • Male / female round terminal to banana plug
  • Male / female flat blade terminal to banana plug
  • Variable resistors with banana terminals
  • Needle / piercing probes
  • Heavy duty alligator clips

Coating Thickess Gauge Coating Thickess Gauge

Coating Thickess Gauge

SKU: DA6975A


Coating Thickess Gauge

Accurately measure paint thickness on steel / Aluminium surfaces

  • Show customers where extra work is needed
  • Identify previous refinish work
  • Know when paint is too thin to buff

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Terminal Disconnect Kit

Terminal Disconnect Kit

Essential release tools for terminals, sensors, wiring harnesses on Chrysler, Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, VAG

Terminal Disconnect Kit (5 Pce)

Terminal Disconnect Kit (5

Single face ( 3), Ladder & Knife blade tools for Asian vehicles.

Wire Terminal Tool

Wire Terminal Tool

  • Fork for ALDL connectors
  • Flat blade to open
  • Rectangular for pack-con terminals
  • Prongs depress barbs on standard terminals