Wire Cutter & Stripper

20 AWG - 10 AWG
SKU: ET9476


  • Curved blade wire cutter (10.7mm dia)
  • Stripping gauges 10-20 AWG

SKU ET9476
Barcode # 9321280374638
Brand Automotive
Product weight 0.1900kg
Shipping weight 0.190000kg

12 Months

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Wire Insertion Tool

Wire Insertion Tool

SKU: ET9456

Wire Insertion Tool

A convenient tool for inserting wires. A sharp punch end easily pierces the thickest grommets. With a hole through the handle, simply feed the wire through the tool. The punch design allows the hole to reseal when the punch is removed.

  • Up to 5.5mm wire can be inserted
  • Shaft diameter: 8mm (5/16")
  • 220mm overall length

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Battery Terminal Crimper Kit

Battery Terminal Crimper Kit

Comprehensive non insulated terminal and Anderson plug crimper kit for battery terminal applications.

  • Non insulated terminals
  • 50 Amp housing / contacts / dust cover / handles / clamps
  • Ratcheting crimper (AWG 20-16 | 16-14 | 12-10 | 8
  • Cable cutters (cuts up to 38mm2 soft wire)

Cable Stripper Cable Stripper

Cable Stripper

SKU: DA1836

Cable Stripper

A two bladed model for RG-58 | 59 | 62 | 6 | 3C | 4C | 5C cable. Suits cables with a diameter from 4.9mm2 to 7.5mm2.

Cable Stripping Tool

Cable Stripping Tool

SKU: ET5112

Cable Stripping Tool

This tool is efficiently designed to make wire stripping quick and easy. The tool can strip and cut wire from 1.13mm (squared) - 6.0mm (squared). It can also be used to crimp insulated / non-insulated terminals.

Deutsch Crimper Kit

Deutsch Crimper Kit

Widely used by Caterpillar, Harley, Kenworth etc. This kit contains 6 dies for common Deutsch terminals.

  • K1: AWG 14/12 (DT / P)
  • K2: AWG 10/12 (DT / P)
  • K3: AWG 18/16/14 (DT / M)
  • K4: AWG 20/18/16 (DT / M)
  • K5: AWG 20/18 (DT / M)
  • K6: AWG 16/14/12 (DT / P)

Hydraulic Cable Crimper

Hydraulic Cable Crimper

Versatile kit with dies for crimping battery cables, balustrading wire, and swaging.

8T hydraulic crimping force for ease of use.

  • Die Sizes: 6, 10, 16, 25, 35, 50 & 70mm2 Swaging Die
  • Overall length: 320mm

Hydraulic Crimper Die Pack (#4 | #8) Hydraulic Crimper Die Pack (#4 | #8)

Hydraulic Crimper Die Pack (#4 | #8)

A pack of two optional dies for the ET5114 hydraulic crimper tool. These dies are commonly used for Deutsch crimps.

  • #4 crimping die
  • #8 crimping die