JLR Diesel Injector Extractor

2.7L | 3.6L
SKU: ET8205


A specialised common rail diesel injector remover for 2.7L TDV6 | 3.6L TDV8 engines. This mechanical extractor is designed to remove injectors in one piece

  • Applications: 2.7L TDV6 | 3.6L TDV8
  • OEM Equiv: 303-1127


SKU ET8205
Barcode # 9321280398269
Brand Automotive
Product weight 0.2200kg
Shipping weight 0.220000kg
Vehicle Make Jaguar
Vehicle Make Land Rover

12 Months

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Injector Removal Kit

Injector Removal Kit

Specialised kit for demounting stuck injectors (mainly Bosch) without removing the cylinder head. Wide coverage on 1.3L - 2.2L diesel engines.

Injector Sleeve Remover

Injector Sleeve Remover

A specialised tool for removing stuck injector sleeves. This is a common problem on 4JX1 engines - and this tool provides an easy solution.

  • Suits Isuzu / Jackaroo vehicles fitted with a 4JX1 / 4XJ1 engine.

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BMW Diesel Injector Removal Kit

BMW Diesel Injector Removal Kit

A specialised kit for removing BMW diesel injectors in vehicles with M47 | M57 engines, without having to remove the cylinder head.

The special extraction bridge and pull spindle allows for quick / safe injector removal.

To avoid the risk of impurities entering the combustion chamber during the cleaning process, we strongly suggest the use of a compressed air adaptor.

  • Engine codes: M47TU | M57 | M57TU
  • Spindle 16 (one side M17) for mounting in the injector
  • 29mm socket for disassembling the electric unit
  • Internal 6 Pt wrench for removing the injector needle

Chrysler Injector Puller

Chrysler Injector Puller

This specialised injector puller is designed to safely extract tightly stuck injectors on Chrysler 2.5L | 2.7L CRD 16 valve VM engines.

Diesel Injection Line Wrench Kit Diesel Injection Line Wrench Kit

Diesel Injection Line Wrench Kit

A specialised kit of diesel injection line wrenches. These open end 12 point crowsfoot sockets are designed for servicing the union nut on high pressure lines on common rail injection engines.

  • 14mm | 17mm | 19mm
  • 12 point
  • 1/2" Sq Drv

Diesel Injector Nozzle Extractor

Diesel Injector Nozzle Extractor

Designed for removal of the lower components of diesel injectors. This is necessary before beginning a complete injector rebuild.

Injector should be removed from the engine before using this tool. Mount injector securely on a bench before unscrewing the injector solenoid from the injector. For instance, using ET0321.

Do NOT use air tools with this tool.

  • Applications: Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens injectors
  • Needle head dia: 12.5-13.5mm
  • Clamping collar dia: 24mm

Diesel Injector Puller

Diesel Injector Puller

Kit consists of a slide hammer with adaptors to assist the removal of stubborn Bosch and Lucas diesel injectors.

  • Adaptors: M8 P0.75 (male) | M12 P1.5 (Bosch) | M14 x P 1.5 (Volvo / Scania)
  • Slide hammer thread: M12 | 175mm length (without adaptors).