Volvo Cam Belt Kit

2.0L | 2.4L 5 Cyl
SKU: ET6592


    This kit contains essential camshaft and crankshaft setting pins for the replacement of the camshaft drive belt on Volvo 2.0L and 2.4L 5cyl diesel engines.

    Also included is a camshaft holding tool.

  • Compatible with replacement belt kits: INA530058210, Contitech CT1010K1, Gates K15580XS

SKU Description OEM Equivalent Codes

Volvo Crankshaft Pulley Holding Tool


999 5433


Camshaft Locking Pin

999 7007


Crankshaft Locking Pin

999 7005

Engine Code(s)

D5244T2, D5244T8, D5204T2, D5204T3, D5204T4, D5244T4, D5244T15, D5244T18

Vehicle Make Model Series Engine Code Engine Size Year Start Year End
SKU ET6592
Barcode # 9321280400719
Brand Automotive
Product weight 0.9300kg
Shipping weight 0.930000kg

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Flywheel Locking Tool

Flywheel Locking Tool

SKU: ET1374

Flywheel Locking Tool

This set locks / holds the flywheel in position to allow the release of the crankshaft pulley screws during timing belt replacement. It has the same functions as ET1574 but with the extra locking adaptors expanding its use on a larger model group in the Ford petrol & diesel engine range.

  • Applications across a wide range of Ford engines especially: Diesel 1.8TDdi / TDCi 2.0TDCi, Petrol: 1.6Ti-VCT | later 1.25L / 1.4L 16v Duratec
  • Adaptor lengths: 11mm | 29mm | 42mm

Ford / Mazda / Volvo Timing Kit

Ford / Mazda / Volvo Timing Kit

An essential kit for locking camshafts / crankshafts / timing covers on Ford / Volvo. Plus Mazda crankshaft pulley holder

This kit suits those engines where one camshaft is longer than the other one.

Ford / Volvo Timing Kit Ford / Volvo Timing Kit

Ford / Volvo Timing Kit

For new high efficiency 4 cylinder petrol turbocharged engines with variable valve timing fitted to Ford / Volvo vehicles.

Also refer ET5412 camshaft setting bar.

Applications: Ford Fiesta WZ | Focus LW | Kuga TF | B-Max | C-Max, Volvo S60 | V60

OEM Equivalents & Engine Codes:

  • TT1054: Ford 303-1054, VAG T10115, VAG T03006
  • TT1550: Ford 303-1550, Volvo 999 7431
  • TT0748: Audi 303-748, Volvo 999 7406, Mazda 21-259
  • TT1097: Ford 303-1097, Volvo 999 7429
  • JTJA | JQMA | M8MA | M9MA | JTMA | B4164T | PNDA

Ford / Volvo Timing Kit Ford / Volvo Timing Kit

Ford / Volvo Timing Kit

For securing the cylinder head, and camshaft / crankshafts during servicing of cylinder head assemblies on 4 | 5 | 6 cylinder engines.

This kit has all the tools required for cam replacements and head rebuilds on Volvo 2.5L petrol engines.

  • Engine codes: VOLVO B41XX | B42XX | B52XX | B62XX | B63XX, FORD: B5254T
  • Volvo OEM Equiv: 9995451 | 9995454

Ford | JLR Timing Kit Ford | JLR Timing Kit

Ford | JLR Timing Kit

This modest little set is designed for the 2.0L / 2.2L DOHC common rail diesel engines in Ford, Land Rover, Peugeot & Volvo vehicles.

It allows the camshaft pulley to be locked using the timing pin while securing the flywheel / ring gear with the locking pin & plate. The cam belt transmits drive from crankshaft to camshaft then from one camshaft to the other by chain located in the cylinder head.

  • OEM Equiv: 303-393 | 303-393-01 | 303-1059 | 303-1277

Ford | Volvo | PSA Timing Kit Ford | Volvo | PSA Timing Kit

Ford | Volvo | PSA Timing Kit

This kit contains specialised pins for locking flywheels, camshaft sprockets and aligning the crankshaft and fuel pump on a wide range of Duratorq engines.

  • Includes special pins for 2.0L | 2.4L chain driven engines