VAG Timing Kit

1.4L Petrol
SKU: ET0072


Specialised timing kit for VAG 1.4L petrol belt CHPA | CZCA engines.

  • Engine codes: CHPA | CZCA | CZPT

SKU Description OEM Equivalent Codes

VAG Crankshaft Locking Pin



VAG Belt Tensioner Locking Pin






VAG Tensioner Wrench



Camshaft Locking Tool 1.2L | 1.4L TSi 4 Cyl


Engine Code(s)


Vehicle Make Model Series Engine Code Engine Size Year Start Year End
SKU ET0072
Barcode # 9321280410435
Brand Automotive
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VAG Timing Kit VAG Timing Kit

VAG Timing Kit

An updated comprehensive timing kit for late model belt driven petrol VAG engines. This kit includes an updated camshaft locking tool for post 2013 engines with Cylinder On Demand (COD).

For the camshaft holding kit refer ET1872A.

  • Engines: 1.0L 3 Cyl | 1.2L TFSI | 1.4L TFSI / TSI

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Camshaft / Head Rebuild Kit Camshaft / Head Rebuild Kit

Camshaft / Head Rebuild Kit

A specialised cylinder head rebuilt kit designed to allow the camshafts to be correctly fitted into the cylinder head on Porsche / VAG common rail engines.

The set contains a jig, various camshaft support fixtures, gear tooth alignment clamps and locking devices.

  • OEM Equiv: T40094 | T40095 | T40096
  • Applications: VAG 1.6L | 2.0L | 2.7L | 3.0L | 4.0L | 4.2L diesel CR engines | Porsche 3.0 TDi
  • For timing servicing on 2.7L - 4.2L engines, also refer ET1622.

VAG Balance Shaft Puller

VAG Balance Shaft Puller

This puller is designed for the removal of balance shafts fitted to 1.8L | 2.0L chain driven 4 cylinder petrol engines.

  • M8 x 1.25 internal thread

VAG Camshaft Locking Kit

VAG Camshaft Locking Kit

This kit is designed to lock the camshafts when adjusting timing on Audi A6 (>11) | A8 engines (>10).

  • Engine: 4.0L 8 Cyl 4V TFSi
  • OEM Equiv: T40264
  • Use with T40071 (TT0071) | T40269 (ET0157)

VAG Camshaft Setting Plate

VAG Camshaft Setting Plate

Setting plate for valve timing on VAG chain drive VR6 engines. Also for FORD Galaxy 2.8L (VR6)

  • Size: 175mm wide x 95mm long.

VAG Front End Support Guide Set VAG Front End Support Guide Set

VAG Front End Support Guide Set

These support guides allow the grill & radiator to be moved away from the engine without needing to disconnect the radiator and air conditioning pipes.

  • M8 x 1.25mm (17mm) x 2 guides (OEM Equiv: 3369)
  • M8x 1.25mm x 2 guides (OEM Equiv: 3411)
  • M10 x 1.5mm x 2 guides (OEM Equiv:T10093)

VAG Fuel Pump Drive Kit

VAG Fuel Pump Drive Kit

This useful kit is designed for locking the fuel pump into its timed position so that the pump drive belt can be replaced or the pump timing checked.

This kit is designed for 2.7L | 3.0L TDi engines.

  • Applications: Audi A4 (07-12), A5 (07-12), A6 (08-11) | Q5 (08-12), Q7 (07-12), VW: Phaeton (07-15), Touareg (07-11) | Porsche: Cayenne (08-16)
  • Engine codes: 2.7L CAMA, CGKA, CANA, 3.0L: CCWA, CDYA, CASA, CASD
  • OEM Equiv: T40135 | 3242 | T10320 | T40058