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VAG Camshaft Sprocket Hub Remover

VAG Camshaft Sprocket Hub Remover

A specialised kit for removing the camshaft sprocket from the taper on the camshaft on Pumpe Duse / common rail diesels. Includes a counter hold tool for loosening / tightening the camshaft hub bolt.

  • Engines: 1.9L | 2.0L TDI
  • OEM Equiv: T10051 | T10052

VAG Front Engine Sub Frame Bush Tool VAG Front Engine Sub Frame Bush Tool

VAG Front Engine Sub Frame Bush Tool

A comprehensive / specialised kit for servicing the two part engine support steady bar bush that is fitted to the front subframe of certain VAG models. This kit allows for sealing off the side of the aperture to enable easy extraction / insertion of the bushes, as well as allowing this task to be done without removing the subframe from the vehicle.

A time saving workshop tool.

VAG Tensioner Tools VAG Tensioner Tools

VAG Tensioner Tools

A set ot two cam belt tensioner tools for Volkswagen 4 Cyl TDI PD SOHC diesel engines. Also certain Audi / Skoda applications. These tension tools are designed for Pumpe Duse and Common Rail diesels fitted with larger engine mounting brackets.

  • OEM Equiv: T10264 | T10265

VAG Timing Kit

VAG Timing Kit

For TDi PD engines fitted with round crankshaft pulleys. For engines fitted with the oval style pulley refer ET2207.

  • Applications: Chrysler Sebring, Dodge Avenger | Caliber, Jeep Compass | Patriot
  • Engine codes: ECD

VAG Timing Kit

VAG Timing Kit

An upgraded timing tool kit for VAG 1.2L | 1.4L | 1.6L TFSi / FSi engines.

  • Applications: Audi A1, Skoda Fabia | Octavia | Roomster, VW Beetle | Golf | Jetta | Polo | Touran
  • A DTI gauge (ET1101) is required, but not included in this kit, as most workshops will already have one.

VAG Timing Kit

VAG Timing Kit

A specialised kit for engine timing / timing belt replacement on VAG 1.4 - 2.0D Pumpe Duse, and 1.4L | 1.6L | 2.0L CR diesels.

These tools are also suitable for similar engines fitted to Ford | Dodge | Chrysler vehicles.

  • Use in conjunction with ET1657.

VAG Timing Kit VAG Timing Kit

VAG Timing Kit

A popular timing tool kit for a wide range of common Audi / Skoda / VW vehicles including many 1.4 | 1.9 | 2.0 TDi PD DOHC engines.

  • Includes two versions of the camshaft sprocket locking tool.
  • For belt driven diesel engines.

VAG Timing Kit

VAG Timing Kit

This kit provides the essential camshaft | crankshaft | tensioner tools for working on popular VAG vehicles with 1.4L FSI and 1.9L | 2.0 TDi PD engines fitted to MK5 - MK6 generation vehicles fitted with toothed timing belts.

This kit is suitable for use with cam belt kits including INA 531020110, Contitech CT1028K3, Gates K055569XS.

  • OEM Equiv: 310-084 (T10008) | 310-085 (T10050) | T20102 | 310-1054 (T10115) | T10060 | T10100 | T10020 | T10264 | T10265

VAG Timing Kit

VAG Timing Kit

A comprehensive timing tool kit for belt tensioning a wide range of 1.8L | 2.0L petrol FSi / TFSi engines. The kit includes locking pins, camshaft alignment tool and tensioner wrench.

This kit includes necessary tools for servicing the chain in head and establishing correct valve / camshaft timing.

Applications for Audi A3 | A4 | A6 | S3 | TT

OEM Equivalents & Engine Codes:

  • DA0379-23: VAG 3366, VAG T20018, VAG T20044
  • ET1020A: BMW 11 2 300, Holden KM 813, Land Rover LRT 12-108
  • ET1084-1: VAG T10092
  • ET1084-3: VAG T10252
  • ET1220B: VAG T10020
  • ET2207-3: VAG T10060/A, VAG T40098, VAG T20167, VAG 3204
  • TT4001: VAG T40011
  • AXW | AXX | BGB | BHZ | BLR | BLX | BLY | BMB | BPJ

VAG Timing Locking Kit VAG Timing Locking Kit

VAG Timing Locking Kit

This timing kit has been designed for VAG vehicles with 1.6L | 1.8L turbo chain driven engines from 2003. The kit includes a chain tensioner locking tool, a tensioner locking tool, camshaft alignment tool, and two camshaft / crankshaft pulley holding tools.

  • Engine: 1.6L | 1.8L FSI (03-08)