Injector Nozzle Extractor

SKU: ET1106


Designed for removal of the lower components of diesel injectors. This is necessary before beginning a complete injector rebuild.

Injector should be removed from the engine before using this tool. Mount injector securely on a bench before unscrewing the injector solenoid from the injector. For instance, using ET0321.

Do NOT use air tools with this tool.

  • Applications: Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens injectors
  • Needle head dia: 12.5-13.5mm
  • Clamping collar dia: 24mm

SKU ET1106
Barcode # 9321280336568
Brand Automotive

12 Months

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Injector Holding Fixture

Injector Holding Fixture

Metal plates easily mount on bench vices to service most injectors, including Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens etc.


  • Bar A: 11, 12, 13, 19mm
  • Bar B: 14, 16, 20mm

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Injector Screw Removal Kit

Injector Screw Removal Kit

Special tools for internal repair of Bosch | Siemens | Denso CR injectors.

  • Injector ball valve lapping tools (3x)
  • 10mm hex x 6.6mm
  • 10mm hex x 7.6mm
  • Denso injector valve seat removal tool
  • Bosch injector socket (8 sided)
  • Siemens internal fixing removal tool

Injector Removal Kit

Injector Removal Kit

Specialised kit for demounting stuck injectors (mainly Bosch) without removing the cylinder head. Wide coverage on 1.3L - 2.2L diesel engines.

Diesel Injector

Diesel Injector

Helps avoid blow back due to poorly seated injectors

  • 5 seat cutters: 15mm flat, 17mm flat, 19mm flat, 17mm angled, 21mm angled
  • Includes washer removal tool, injector blanking plugs (stop debris entering cylinders), wire brush cleaning set for chamber walls and centralising stem for correct cleaning seating angle

Injector Seal Removal Tool

Injector Seal Remover

SKU: ET1267

Injector Seal Remover

Injector blowback is a common problem with diesel engines. To remedy this, either a new copper washer needs to be fitted and / or the injector seat needs to be gently refaced before installing a new copper washer.

This tool is designed to easily remove / install copper washers in deep seated injectors.

To remove / install a copper washer, the protrusion of the split collet should be set according to the thickness of the seal to be removed / installed.

  • 230mm reach
  • For deep seated injector seals

Volvo Front Shock Absorber Tool Volvo Front Shock Absorber Tool

Volvo Front Shock Absorber

Specialised tool for separating the sub-frame and shock adsorber.

  • OEM Equiv: 9997256
  • Applications: S80 (99-06) | S60 (01-10) | XC60 (09-) | XC70 (02-07) | V70 (00-07) | XC90

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Diesel Injector Puller

Diesel Injector Puller

Kit consists of a slide hammer with adaptors to assist the removal of stubborn Bosch and Lucas diesel injectors.

  • Adaptors: M8 P0.75 (male) | M12 P1.5 (Bosch) | M14 x P 1.5 (Volvo / Scania)
  • Slide hammer thread: M12 | 175mm length (without adaptors).

Diesel Injector Puller Kit

Diesel Injector Puller Kit

  • Remove Delphi / Bosch / Mercedes CDI injectors using a slide hammer (5/8" UNF thread)
  • M20 x M20 x 1.0 (Bosch) | M20 X M14 x 1.5 (Delphi)
  • Mercedes CDI adaptor & M10 (with hole) insert tool for removing the internal part of Bosch injectors

Diesel Injector Remover Kit

Diesel Injector Remover Kit

Master kit for removing seized diesel injectors from Volkswagen Group TDI PD engines, as well as BMW N47 / N57 engines.

Special two jaw design to grip the injector, and extract with the included slide hammer.

These tools are a major time saver, and reduce the risk of damage to the injectors or the solenoids. Injectors on these engines are less prone to seizures, but removal can often be difficult due to limited space.

  • Engine codes: VW ALH | ALU | 1Z, BMW N47 / N57
  • OEM Equiv: T10055 | T10163 | T40055 | T10402 | T10415
  • Applications: 1.4D| 1.9D (PD) | 2.0TDi (PD) 4V 2.5 TDi 2.5TDi (PD) | 2.8TDi (PD) 2.7D / 3.0TDi (PD)

Injector Puller Kit Injector Puller Kit

Injector Puller Kit

A specialised kit for removing injectors on Mercedes CDI engines. This avoids having to disassemble the cylinder head.

  • Applications: C-Class | E-Class | Sprinter
  • Engine codes: 611,612,613,646,647,648 (does not suit 642)