Foxwell OBD1 Adaptor Kit


Requires ET8000-C if purchasing to use with ET6642

Does not require ET8000-C if purchasing to use with ET6742

Barcode # 9321280415973
Brand Foxwell

12 Months

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OBDII Code Reader

OBDII Code Reader

SKU: ET2707

OBDII Code Reader

Enhanced model with colour screen, live data graphing, automatic VIN recognition, trouble code database & much more!

Foxwell Workshop Scan Tool Foxwell Workshop Scan Tool

Foxwell Workshop Scan Tool

Sensational value. Full vehicle scan functionality across multiple passenger vehicle brands, plus extensive special functions.

Ideal for small workshops / home enthusiasts / secondary workshop tool.

Easy updates via USB cable.

  • ABS / Airbag reset
  • Battery configuration
  • DPF
  • Dual clutch trans adapt
  • EPB service
  • Fuel pump prime
  • Injector coding
  • Oil light reset
  • Steering angle sensor
  • Throttle body alignment
  • TPMS
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Australian Ford / Holden coverage
  • Full Vehicle Scan
  • Australian based support
  • Click here for function search

Foxwell i70 Workshop Scan Tool Foxwell i70 Workshop Scan Tool

Foxwell i70 Workshop Scan Tool

The all new Foxwell i70 - a high powered android tablet offering unbeatable value for money. We've now added ABS Bleeding, air / fuel ratio reset, clutch adaptation, fuel pump priming, immobiliser and memory seat matching functions to the already extensive list of service functions. Full vehicle scan functionality (more than just Engine / Gearbox / ABS / SRS). Pre / Post scan reports are now just a click away with inbuilt wifi.

  • ABS / Airbag Reset
  • ABS Bleeding
  • Air / Fuel ratio reset
  • Battery Configuration
  • Clutch adaptation
  • DPF
  • EPB Service
  • Fuel Pump Priming
  • Gear Learning
  • Immobliser
  • Injector Coding
  • Memory Seat Matching
  • Oil Light Reset
  • Steering Angle Sensor
  • Throttle Body Alignment
  • TPMS
  • 7" daylight readable LCD screen
  • Android 5.1
  • Quad Core Processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • WIFI, micro USB, USB
  • 32GB Hard drive
  • 5 MP Camera
  • 4000 mAh lithium battery
  • Australian Ford / Holden Coverage
  • Full Engine Scan Functionality
  • Enhanced Service Functions
  • 2 Year Free Updates
  • Click here for function search

Foxwell i80 Scan Tool Foxwell i80 Scan Tool

Foxwell i80 Scan Tool

SKU: ET6842

Foxwell i80 Scan Tool

Android 10.1” tablet | wireless VCI. Full bi-directional diagnostic functions and lightning fast scanning speeds.

  • One touch updates – with update notifications
  • ECU Coding / Cloning
  • Bi-Directional actuations
  • Widest coverage of Australian vehicles
  • Australian based support
  • Wifi connectivity and updates
  • Pre / post scan reports
  • Lightning fast scanning
  • 64Gb storage | 2Gb RAM
  • 13MP rear facing camera
  • Android 8.1 | ARM A17 4 core processor
  • 10,000 mAh battery

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