VAG PD Injector Alignment Kit

SKU: ET6249


Specialised kit to assist with checking the alignment of the pump injector unit, and installing o-rings for the pump injector unit.

  • Applications: Phaeton & Touareg (03-), & A3 (04-)
  • OEM Equiv: T10210 PD injector setting gauge) | T10056 (o-ring tools)

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SKU ET6249
Barcode # 9321280370296
Brand Automotive
Vehicle Make VAG

12 Months

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Universal Diesel Injector Seat Cleaner Kit

Universal Diesel Injector Seat Cleaner Kit

This kit helps clean / decarbonise the injector hole. Plus the seat cutters clean the bottom of the injector hole to allow proper setting of the new copper washer.

Helps avoid blow back due to poorly seated injectors.

  • 3 seat cutters: 17mm flat | 17mm angled | 21mm angled
  • Includes washer removal tool, injector blanking plugs (stop debris entering cylinders), wire brush cleaning set for chamber walls and centralising stem for correct cleaning seating angle

Injector Shaft Cleaning Kit

Injector Shaft Cleaning Kit

Cleaning tools for injector shaft / injector pump cleaning, and other similar applications.

Removes carbon deposits which is important when replacing injectors to avoid leaks.

  • Brushes - 2 x 18mm / 2 x 19mm / 2 x 21mm / 2 x 24mm / 2 x 26mm Brushes - 2 x 9mm x 100mm (300mm length)
  • Twisted Wire Brush x 2
  • Flexible Bit Holder x 1
  • Brush Holder with Adapter x 1
  • Mounting Bar
  • Sealing Plugs x 8
  • Plastic Sleeve for Brush

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Common Rail Injector Screw Removal Kit

Common Rail Injector Screw Removal Kit

Special tools for internal repair of Bosch | Siemens | Denso CR injectors. These tools are designed to remover the injector's internal fittings, and include injector ball valve lapping tools and guide.

  • Injector ball valve lapping tools & guide (3x)
  • 10mm Hex Male x 6.6mm dia Hole Security Insert x 21mm external Hex 1/2" Sq Drv
  • 10mm Hex Male x 7.6mm dia Hole Security Insert x 21mm external Hex 1/2" Sq Drv
  • Denso CR injector valve seat removal tool
  • Bosch CR 16mm injector screw removal socket (8 sided) 1/2" Sq Drv
  • Siemens CR injector internal fixing removal tool

Diesel Injector Flow Tester

Diesel Injector Flow Tester

This return fuel volume tester is for use on the injector return side of a common rail diesel system. Very easy to use - simply take off the return pipe connectors on the injectors and substitute with the fuel lines from this test kit.

  • Measure return fuel flow on common rail injectors
  • Identify worn / blocked / inoperative injectors quickly
  • For diesel vehicles up to 6 cylinders
  • Adaptors for Bosch | Siemens | Denso | Delphi

Diesel Injector Nozzle Tester

Diesel Injector Nozzle Tester

This practical tool helps test diesel injectors for leakage, spray patterns, opening pressure, and leakage between injector needle and injector body.

Suitable for pressure-activated injectors. An electronic switching device (not supplied) is needed for this unit to be able to test common rail type injectors.

  • With transparent tank and two connecting pipes - M12 | M14
  • Pressure range: 0-600 Bar

Diesel Injector Seat Cutter Set

Diesel Injector Seat Cutter Set

An essential kit for cleaning the diesel injector seat when replacing injectors. Reamer material upgraded to SKD11 hardness (not SCM440) for extra durability.

  • 19mm flat (Mercedes CRD) | 17mm flat (BMW | PSA | Renault) | 15mm flat (most trucks) | 19mm angled (Fiat | Iveco)
  • PLUS 17mm angled reamer (Mercedes CDI). PLUS 19mm reamer to clean injector carbon