BMW Mini / PSA Timing Kit

1.6L 16V Turbo
SKU: ET1300


For locking intake & exhaust camshaft at TDC plus crankshaft in position for removal of crank bolt. To adjust the camshaft timing, the cam chain tensioner must be removed & adjuster centre bolts loosened to allow the crankshaft & 2 cams to be turned independently of each other so timing can be set.

ALSO suitable for Peugeot 207, 308 & Citroen C4 with EP6 DT / DTS coded engines.

  • Engine codes: BMW Mini N14 (R55 | R56) | PSA EP6DT / EP6DTS

SKU Description OEM Equivalent Codes

Crankshaft Locking Pin

11 9 590



Camshaft Alignment Tool

11 9 550



Camshaft Alignment Tool

11 9 551



Set Screw M6 x 30mm


Camshaft Alignment Tool

11 9 552

Engine Code(s)


Vehicle Make Model Series Engine Code Engine Size Year Start Year End
BMW MiniCooperR55N14B16A1.6L20132019
BMW MiniCooper SR56N14B16A1.6L20072010
BMW MiniCooper SR55N14B16A1.6L20102015
SKU ET1300
Barcode # 9321280321496
Brand Automotive
Product weight 1.2600kg
Shipping weight 1.260000kg
Vehicle Make BMW Mini
Vehicle Make PSA

12 Months

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