Holden Timing Kit

1.6L | 1.8L DOHC 16V
SKU: ET0207


A comprehensive diesel locking pin set for changing the cam belt on single / twin cambelted 2.0L | 2.4L 5 Cyl engines and 1.6L | 1.9L | 2.0L 4 Cyl diesel engines.

The kit provides the locking tools required for both timing belt change and the dismantling of the gear driven cams fitted to the twin cam engines in the Volvo range.

Applications: Holden Astra (AH) | Cruze (JG/ JH) (F18D)

OEM Equivalents & Engine Codes:

  • ET1549-03: Holden KM 911
  • TT6340: Holden KM 6340, Alfa Romeo 2 000 012 100
  • TT6333: Holden KM 6333
  • TT6130: Holden KM 6130, Holden KM 6349, SAAB 87 92 335
  • TT6628: Holden KM 6628A, Alfa Romeo 2 000 012 000
  • TT6625: Holden KM 6625, Alfa Romeo 2 000 012 800
  • F16D4 | A16LET | A16LER | Z18XER | F18D4

SKU Description OEM Equivalent Codes

Holden Flywheel Locking Pin

KM 911


Camshaft Alignment Tools

KM 6340

2 000 012 100


Tensioner Locking Pin

KM 6333


Tensioning Pin

KM 6130

KM 6349

87 92 335


Camshaft Locking Bar

KM 6628A

2 000 012 000


Flywheel Holding Tool

KM 6625

2 000 012 800

Engine Code(s)

F16D4, A16LET, A16LER, Z18XER, F18D4

Vehicle Make Model Series Engine Code Engine Size Year Start Year End
Alfa Romeo159939A4.0001.8L20052010
SKU ET0207
Barcode # 9321280333116
Brand Automotive
Product weight 0.5600kg
Shipping weight 0.560000kg
Vehicle Make Holden

12 Months

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