BMW Oil Filter Pressure Test Adaptor

N20 | N46 | N55
SKU: ET1500A


This adaptor replaces the oil filter cap, and is used to test oil filter pressure.

Applications: N20 (after 2012) | N46 | N55

119 250

Barcode # 9321280404120
Brand Automotive

12 Months

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Brake Bleeder

Brake Bleeder

Tank holds compressed air allowing the unit to be used when disconnected from the air supply. Suits standard / ABS systems.

  • Includes pressure relief / cut off valves
  • Adaptor kit included
  • 6L tank capacity

BMW Crankshaft Front Oil Seal Kit BMW Crankshaft Front Oil Seal Kit

BMW Crankshaft Front Oil Seal Kit

A specialised kit for safely removing / installing the front crankshaft oil seal on 4 Cyl & 6 Cyl BMW engines.

This updated kit is suitable for a wide range of BMW engines.

  • Applications: N40 | N42 | N45 | N45T | N46 | N46T | N52 | N52K | N53 | N54 | N55
  • OEM Equiv: 11 0 370, 11 9 220 & 11 9 230

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BMW Transmission Bush Extractor BMW Transmission Bush Extractor

BMW Transmission Bush Extractor

A specialised tool for removing / installing the transmission rubber mount bush on BMW X5 vehicles.

  • Application: BMW X5 (E43 / 3.0L) before 2003

BMW Wheel Lock Removal Kit

BMW Wheel Lock Removal Kit

This kit is designed to remove high security BMW wheel lock bolts with spinning rings, where the bolt cannot be removed because the key is missing, or the bolt is rounded etc.

A faster solution than grinding / drilling, which is also more likely to result in damage to the wheel.

This kit allows the wheel lock bolt to be removed in a few minutes. A real timing saving tool!

Brake | Coolant Test Strips Brake | Coolant Test Strips

Brake | Coolant Test Strips

15 Pack


Brake | Coolant Test Strips

Need a simple / fast / accurate way to test brake fluid & coolant? Are your customers asking for a test report to prove the fluid needs changing? Looking for more service opportunities? Test each car that comes into the workshop...

One double ended strip tests both coolant and brake fuid.

Simply dip a test strip into fluid for 60 seconds.

Patented FASCAR copper testing technology.

  • Double the service opportunities
  • Dual Brake / Coolant test strips
  • Provide customers with a test report

Brake Caliper Socket Brake Caliper Socket

Brake Caliper Socket

A specialised brake caliper socket for caliper retaining screws on Audi Q7 | S4 models. See also ET0409 for a similar socket for S5 vehicles (22mm dia).

  • 7 Point socket
  • 14mm dia
  • 1/2" Sq Drv
  • 50mm overall length
  • Chrome moly impact grade construction

Brake Disc Removal Kit

Brake Disc Removal Kit

SKU: ET6752

Brake Disc Removal Kit

This tool is designed to assist with quickly / safely removing the brake disc. Using this tool reduces the vibration impact on the wheel bearing, electronic sensors, suspension etc compared to traditional methods. Auto adjusting jaws allow for almost universal application.

Please ensure that nuts are attached to the hub to prevent the brake disc from falling down when being removed.

  • Operating range: 170 - 400mm