Ball Joint Separator Fork

SKU: DA4034


Used on most vehicles to remove the ball joint from the steering knuckle. Constructed of drop forged steel for lasting durability.

Use with hammer to separate parts with ease.

  • Opening: 15/16" (24mm)
  • 300mm length

SKU DA4034
Barcode # 9321280256743
Brand Automotive

12 Months

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Ball Joint Extractor

Ball Joint Extractor


SKU: ET1407A

Ball Joint Extractor

This universal ball joint separator is an ideal tool for removing truck ball joints. Easy to use, and saves time & money, as the tool can be used on the vehicle.

Applications include most Japanese trucks under 10.5 tons such as Hino, UD, Isuzu and Fuso. This tool works especially well on HINO 500 trucks.

Ball Joint Master Service Kit

Ball Joint Master Service Kit

For the dismantling / installation of suspension components. Allows greater access in areas where a universal press is not suitable.

  • Jaw opening: 245mm
  • Throat depth: 100mm
  • 18 separate adaptors
  • C frame press can be used to service UJ and truck brake anchor pins

Ball Joint Remover Ball Joint Remover

Ball Joint Remover


SKU: ET1410A

Ball Joint Remover

A professional quality ball joint remover suitable for most trucks over 15 ton. Ideal for removing the ball joints on track rod ends, tie rods, drag links and steering knuckles. On this unit, the pins are interchangeable. Simply choose the appropriate pin depending upon the size and length of the ball joint.

Suitable for on-car maintenance. Can be used with low speed impact tools. Easy to use, and a definite time saver.

  • Applications: Most trucks over 15 tons such as SCANIA, VOLVO, DAF, MAN, HINO, UD, ISUZU & FUSO

Ball Joint Remover

Ball Joint Remover

A specialised ball joint remover for European trucks. Designed for on vehicle maintenance, and to avoid damage to ball joints and related parts.

Easy to use / save time & money.

  • 39mm dia
  • Nut width 26mm / Bolt length 128mm
  • Applications: > 4 Tonne trucks, including most European trucks
  • Special application for MAN 414 drag link.