Wheel Bolt Pattern Gauge Tool

SKU: ET6336


Measures most common 4 | 5 | 6 | 8 lug bolt patterns. Can be used to measure a wheel or turned over to measure the studs on a vehicle.

  • 4 lug (98 - 140mm)
  • 5 lug (100 - 150mm)
  • 6 lug (114 - 140mm)
  • 8 lug (170mm)

SKU ET6336
Barcode # 9321280397620
Brand Automotive
Product weight 0.2400kg
Shipping weight 0.240000kg

12 Months

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Brake Disc Measurement Gauge

Brake Disc Measurement Gauge

A metal body tool for accurately measuring brake disc thickness without needing to remove the wheel. Suitable for use on most motorcycles, cars and commercial vehicles.

  • 0 - 45mm range
  • Metric scale with 1mm graduations
  • Spring action plunger, for quick operation

Brake Disc Measurement Gauge

Brake Disc Measurement Gauge

Brake disc measurement tool, that fits easily on most vernier calipers (not supplied). No need to remove the wheels or strip the brake first.

A time saving tool!

  • Measures brake disc thickness with wheels still on vehicle
  • Quote accurately, without stripping brakes / removing tyres

Brake Disc Measuring Tool Brake Disc Measuring Tool

Brake Disc Measuring Tool

Accurately measure brake disc diameter without removing wheels. Quick identification of the brake system. Saves time!

  • Suits most passenger / light commercial vehicles
  • Range: 200 - 400mm
  • Reach: 265mm

Brake Lining Thickness Gauge

Brake Lining Thickness Gauge

These colour coded gauges help identify brake lining that may require replacement. Quickly assess brake pad thickness on disk brakes, by inserting the blade between the brake disc and brake pad.

Traffic light like colour coding - Green / Go, Yellow / Caution, Red / Replace

  • Colour coded metal gauges
  • Measuring range: 2mm - 12mm

Brake Pad Thickness Gauge

Brake Pad Thickness Gauge

Quickly / simply measure trending brake thickness without removing any components.

Place the end of this lightweight gauge against the brake disc surface; slide back the measuring peg until it stops against the back plate of the brake pad. Read off the thickness of the pad material in mm.

  • Colour coded green | yellow | red traffic-light symbol as to whether you need to replace the brake pads.
  • Made from lightweight aluminium.

Brake Rotor Gauge Kit

Brake Rotor Gauge Kit

SKU: ET6753

Brake Rotor Gauge Kit

An updated / improved version of traditional brake rotor gauge kits.

This model uses a clamping system for universal application. On late model vehicles, the clamp points are not necessarily ferrous metal, meaning that traditional magnetic clamping fixtures are no longer suitable.

Ideal for checking tyre / wheel run-out. And also measuring the brake disc / brake hub.

  • Measuring range: 0-10mm
  • Graduations: 0.01mm
  • Aluminium clamping range: 20 - 100mm