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Flywheel Locking Tool

Flywheel Locking Tool

SKU: ET1374

Flywheel Locking Tool

This set locks / holds the flywheel in position to allow the release of the crankshaft pulley screws during timing belt replacement. It has the same functions as ET1574 but with the extra locking adaptors expanding its use on a larger model group in the Ford petrol & diesel engine range.

  • Applications across a wide range of Ford engines especially: Diesel 1.8TDdi / TDCi 2.0TDCi, Petrol: 1.6Ti-VCT | later 1.25L / 1.4L 16v Duratec
  • Adaptor lengths: 11mm | 29mm | 42mm

Ford / Volvo Timing Kit Ford / Volvo Timing Kit

Ford / Volvo Timing Kit

For securing the cylinder head, and camshaft / crankshafts during servicing of cylinder head assemblies on 4 | 5 | 6 cylinder engines.

This kit has all the tools required for cam replacements and head rebuilds on Volvo 2.5L petrol engines.

  • Engine codes: VOLVO B41XX | B42XX | B52XX | B62XX | B63XX, FORD: B5254T
  • Volvo OEM Equiv: 9995451 | 9995454

Ford | Mazda Timing Kit Ford | Mazda Timing Kit

Ford | Mazda Timing Kit

This kit locks the camshaft during timing belt replacement over the complete range of Ford Duratec engines in both belt & chain drive variants.

Ford | Volvo Timing Kit Ford | Volvo Timing Kit

Ford | Volvo Timing Kit

Specialised kit for holding camshafts in the correct position while installing the front crankshaft oil seal, and while setting the tappets.

Designed for use with 2.5L 20V DOHC petrol engines fitted to Ford Focus, and various Volvo vehicles.

  • OEM Equiv: 303-1180 | 303-1183 (999 5765)
  • Engine codes: B5254 | HYDA

Ford Timing Kit Ford Timing Kit

Ford Timing Kit

These engines have a belt to drive the camshaft and a chain to drive the pump. This kit is designed for the chain, and removes the injection (high pressure) fuel sprocket and the timing chain front cover.

  • Includes injection / high pressure pump sprocket holder and timing chain cover alignment tools