Volvo Crankshaft Pulley Holding Tool

SKU: ET1395


This tool holds the crankshaft while tightening the centre pulley nut. Remove pulley mounting bolts (x4) then bolt tool on (using these original bolts). Align roll pin slot with the roll pin.

  • Appications: C30 | C70 | S40 | S60 | S70 | S80 | V40 | V50 | XC90 | XC70 | V70
  • OEM Equiv: 999 5433 (303-1179)


999 5433

Volvo Cam Belt Kit

Volvo Cam Belt Kit

    This kit contains essential camshaft and crankshaft setting pins for the replacement of the camshaft drive belt on Volvo 2.0L and 2.4L 5cyl diesel engines.

    Also included is a camshaft holding tool.

  • Compatible with replacement belt kits: INA530058210, Contitech CT1010K1, Gates K15580XS

SKU ET1395
Barcode # 9321280327726
Brand Automotive
Vehicle Make Volvo
Vehicle Make Ford

12 Months

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Also refer ET5412 camshaft setting bar.

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Ford | Volvo Timing Kit

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Ford Crank Pulley Holding Tool

Ford Crank Pulley Holding Tool

Counter holds crankshaft pulley while servicing pulley retaining bolt. Also suits certain Volvo vehicles.

  • OEM Equiv: 205-072 (999 7128 | 49 B011 105)
  • Applications: Ford Fiesta | Mondeo | Transit, Volvo C30 | S40 | V50

VAG Tensioner Pulley Wrench

VAG Tensioner Pulley Wrench

Correctly sets the toothed belt on the automatic tensioning pulley on the 2.5L TDi engine. Also used on Volvo vehicles.

  • 32mm x 117mm long
  • OEM Equiv: 3355

Volvo Crankshaft Pulley Holder

Volvo Crankshaft Pulley Holder

A specialised tool for holding the crankshaft pulley in place when removing the centre bolt.

  • Engine codes: B200E | B204E | B230E | B230F | B230FT | B234F

Volvo Flywheel Turning Tool

Volvo Flywheel Turning Tool

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