GEN2 Wheel Bearing Kit

75mm | Mitsubishi
SKU: ET4262


A specialised kit for insertion / extraction of GEN 2 wheel bearings on Smart | Mitsubishi vehicles (04-).

Generation II style wheel bearings are a wheel bearing and drive flange that cannot be separated. This tool ensures the loads of insertion are taken only on the outer race of the bearing.

  • 75mm dia

SKU ET4262
Barcode # 9321280403420
Brand Automotive

12 Months

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Adjustable Wheel Bearing Lock Nut Wrench

Adjustable Wheel Bearing Lock Nut Wrench

Adjustable jaws fit all hexagon & octagon wheel bearing lock nuts. Contains three sets of pins, applicable to any pin holes on the nut.

  • 6 Point lock nuts: 1-3/4" - 5-3/4" (49 - 135mm)
  • 8 Point lock nuts: 1-3/4" - 5-5/8" (49 - 143mm)
  • Pin diameters: 1/4" | 5/16" | 3/8"

Drive Flange Locking Kit

Drive Flange Locking Kit

This specialised tool locks the drive flange to prevent rotation when servicing the inner drive shaft mounting bolts / hub nuts.

The specially designed plastic wheels wedge between the brake caliper and the drive flange, using the vehicle's own wheel bolts or nuts.

  • Allows easy removal of driveshaft / hub fixings.

  • One man operation.

Drive Shaft Wheel Bearing Supports Drive Shaft Wheel Bearing Supports

Drive Shaft Wheel Bearing Supports

Universal dummy drive shaft wheel bearing supports are easy to install, and allow most light vehicles to be placed back on their wheels, and moved without their drive shafts. For instance, when the gearbox / engine are removed, and the vehicle needs to be moved.

To install simply insert in place of the drive shaft through the wheel drive flange. Holds the bearing and flange together to prevent damage.

Do not tow vehicle on public roads using these supports. Beware modern ABS sensors.

Ford Front Wheel Bearing Removal Kit

Ford Front Wheel Bearing Removal Kit

Essential time saving service kit for working on Transit (>06) wheel bearings and brakes on the front axle. Permits correct dismantling of the wheel bearing, with hub and brake disc.

  • Removal of wheel bearing housing with hub
  • Changing of brake disc
  • Changing of wheel bearings
  • Removal of the bearing inner race from hub
Ford Lock Nut Socket Ford Lock Nut Socket

Ford Lock Nut Socket

Special socket for adjusting castellated axle lock nuts on Transit vehicles (80 | 100 | 115 | 120) with RWD type 34 axles.

  • 63mm OD | 53mm ID
  • 4 Pin design
  • 1/2" Sq Drv

Front Wheel Bearing Socket

Front Wheel Bearing Socket

Professional quality four pin front wheel bearing socket for Toyota Hiace (06-) vehicles. The pins in this socket are solid / high quality for extra durability. Be careful to avoid sockets with cheaper split pins that will more easily fail under stress.

  • 1/2" Sq Drv
  • 4 pin design
  • 65.2mm dia (measured diagonally from outer pins)